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Early report on Grady's GCC

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  • Early report on Grady's GCC

    There were 59 players who signed up for the one-pocket division, which commenced Wednesday morning promptly at 10:00 A.M.

    Early "2-and-outs" were James Walden, who lost to Jamie Farrel, then Lil John Macias; and also Cliff Joyner, who forfeited his first match due to late arrival to Gulfport, then a loss to a strong 1p player named ____ Reichie, who won 3-2. I think the spelling is correct. Don't recall his 1st name. The guy can really play! He may be a friend of Marco Marquez's.

    Buddy Hall looks strong, as does Shannon Daulton. There are a constellation of top players in attendance: Ike Runnels, David Matlock, Marco Marquez, Ritchie Richeson, Scotty Townsend, Jason Miller, etc. Jamie Farrel (Kenner, LA) looks very tough. John Schmidt is in attendance, but he planned to skip the one-hole in order to concentrate on the 9-ball tournaments. The nine ball banks commenced the first round Wednesday evening. The no-limit Hold'em poker is to start Friday at noon, and the bar box 9 ball will have commenced Friday at 9 A.M. The big ring game will be Saturday night.

    Steve "NH Steve" Booth eventually showed up Wednesday evening after a hard day's plane travel from the Northeast. He finally got to meet several posters such as Gerald Huber (Jungledude), Joey A, Casey Killian, Doug W.(smorgassbored), Rick Lowell (Pelican), Richard Sharp, and the legendary Art Tripp (Gulfportdoc). Hemicudas and the Professor (Starkville, Miss.) haven't yet appeared. What a pleasure to meet Steve! He's a very friendly and articulate gentleman. Looking forward to chatting with him throughout the weekend. I'm sure he'll post a major story --including Grady's premier induction into the 1p HOF-- when he returns. I don't know if he intends to post via laptop from Gulfport or not. Nor do I know if anyone from AZBilliards or InsidePool is in attendance. My guess is that they'll be focusing on Reno. Too bad, this event is the nuts. Next year Grady is determined to avoid any scheduling conflict with Reno.

    I play my 4th 1p match tonight at 8 pm. If I'm not too tired, I'll try to post the winner's and loser's sides. Otherwise I'll update over the weekend.