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    Brass is easier than most metals available to work with then.I dont think they had the composites either.A little spit and the ash from your cigarette keeps brass looking good also.Like our belt buckles in the Green machine.Good old bad days when men were men,women were women and children worked in factories,cheers,James
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      Originally posted by SJDinPHX
      ...A modern day production cue (like a McDermott, or even cheaper)...will most likely hit as well, or better...
      You're right. I like the hit of my McDermott better. Of course, I like the hit of my Mcdermott better than a lot of modern high end cues I've tried.


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        Originally posted by blackeee View Post
        There is a guy from Oklohoma city called Herman The German. Probably in his 70s. Used to be a good snooker player. He is a friend of my best friend. They used to go to Laughlin Nev. every year to bet the baseball. Herman's wife passed several years ago and he stays home now, I've been told.
        His name was Herman Bullard, 1949 world 9 ball champion, shot with a nice Balabushka, played out of the old Ace's Pool Room on 10th St.


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          Originally posted by SJDinPHX View Post
          Don't expect too much. I'm sure Mr. Rambow tried his best, but he was, after all, a pioneer. I don't remember any of the ones I played with being exceptional "hitting" cues.
          I'm certainly no expert, but Brass never became the metal of choice for joints. (maybe too soft ?)

          A modern day production cue (like a McDermott, or even cheaper)...will most likely hit as well, or better. They are certainly a collectors item though,... much like a hickory
          shafted golf club.
          The brass collar on my Rambow broke and Was replaced with a stainless coller but still has the brass pin


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            A good friend of mine in HS ordered and received one. I'm guessing 1965 or 66. He was a son of a local doctor and got the fanciest at the time. Four points/inlays with the colored red and such balls inlaid around the points. It had two shafts and cost $80, that was a ton at that time. I shortly after that picked up a $20 Rocket cue brass joint, made by???????? I think I'll email my friend to see if he still has the cue. He's lived in Berkley since the late sixties.
            Bill Meacham
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              Bought my first Rambo in johnston city for 100.00 from boots maples with a Brunswick case.

              Played with it a long time. Good cue.

              Bill s.