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DCC Video - "CaliRed" Presents - SVB,Scooter,$491,000,Frost,Woofing

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  • DCC Video - "CaliRed" Presents - SVB,Scooter,$491,000,Frost,Woofing

    This is a video that helps people that have never been to the Derby, get a idea of the "ambiance" of the place. In this scene, Scooter is outside in the hallway by the TAR room, after just being beaten badly by SVB getting outrageous weight. [ame=""]You can see some of that match here[/ame]. Well, we all know Scooter, as soon as he's busted, it's time to start rounding up another game and some more money.:smile: He sets he sights on another player who happens to be standing over by the wall.

    3/4 of the way into the video, Scott Frost wanders by, still stunned by what he had just witnessed. There were some high rollers there at the Derby, one being Amjet from Chicago and they had close to a half a million bucks sitting on the craps table. (they lost that roll)

    So for those of you that have never been to the Derby.. it's coming up in Jan. Don't miss out on one of the legendary tournaments there has ever been, in the same spirit as Johnston City. Go here for more info

    Here is Episode 12 - "Woofing in the hall" {WARNING: Adult language} As always, right click on the video and choose Full Screen!

    [Editors Note:] I had uploaded this video back in Jan. but had made it Private. I had asked several people's opinions that I respect, of whether they thought there was any issue with sharing it. They all thought it would be fine. I would never want to post anything that would embarrass anyone, for no reason. That said, there is nothing here that I believe anyone would be embarrassed from.

    If I was a "not give a sh1t" type of guy, I'd just post up anything and everything because I did have permission from the promoter to tape anything and everyone knew they were in a public place with cameras all around so they had a reasonable expectation that they might be filmed, but I do like to exercise common sense on what I share. In this situation, I was pretty evident standing in the mass of people with my camera sticking up way in the air. There are several other videos of this nature posted too.

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    Was that Jet talkin' about takin' all the bets etc.? It seems like sharkin' is all the game some guys have.


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      How sick is that? The first 2 breaks Scooter makes three balls each and none are the money balls, and he doesn't have a decent shot to continue.


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        Just watched the 31:49 minutes. Shane missed exactly zero balls.

        It's scary 'cause Scooter isn't helpless. He's got a nice break and Shane doesn't get to utilize his monster break. And, it is still a robbery.

        You have to love Shane's beautiful stroke with the hesitation before delivering the final stroke. He is human though as he proves when he misses his position by about 3 inches and indicates that with the tip of his stick.

        What a great talent. Just what we need as Efren is getting older and dang, he's from the states too! Makes me proud.


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          I watched this match. As a matter of fact, on the table to the left I was staking Robb Saez against Cliff Joiner for $300 a game getting 10 to 7. But I couldn't quit watching SVB playing against the nuts and out running it. It was some unbelievable shooting.


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            Thanks for posting this. It really does give a glimpse into the typical hallway ambiance late night at Derby City. I'm guessing this took place around 2-3 AM.
            "One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
            -- Strawberry Brooks


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              Originally posted by NH Steve
              Thanks for posting this. It really does give a glimpse into the typical hallway ambiance late night at Derby City. I'm guessing this took place around 2-3 AM.
              1:14 am. Scooter/Shane was getting started around 11:26 pm and I think that match took about 90 mins or so. So this was shortly after he got trounced and it was time to start loading up some more barrels and finding another game. I think he had enough of Shane and was looking for ANY other game