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  • Trouble registering for

    We want this process to be easy, user friendly, and inviting -- so that if you are a fan of the game of One Pocket, you will want to join, and you will join, to register your support for the game!

    A few people had trouble registering when we first launched a few weeks ago -- partly due to a couple of incorrect links. Those have since been fixed.

    I have noticed that several registrations for are still "waiting for email confirmation", which is the final step of signing up, and which has to be completed in order to post in the Forums. Because SPAM in email is such a problem, many users have sophisticated filters to catch unknown emails -- such as your confirming email from! If you are one of those who have signed up for, but still cannot post, it is likely your email confirmation is incomplete, and may have been intercepted by your spam filter.

    Any of you caught in this registration limbo can email me directly -- which would act as a confirmation of your email -- and I will manually complete your registration. Be sure to tell me the user name you registered under, but I do not need your password.