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    Originally posted by jrhendy
    I can out duck most of them and usually get to the shot first, but don't take advantage of it like a top player, and that usually pumps the other player up and improves their game.
    I think that's why a strong shooter can outrun most any spot given to a weaker opponent. Once the shotmaker sees that the other guy can't or won't go for position on runouts, he just starts free-wheeling and firing into his hole. So if he's giving the guy, say, 9-6; he could just as safely give him 10-6 or more.



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      Originally posted by fred bentivegna
      Did you wear thick glasses and came down to Bensingers a few times 25-30 years ago?

      the Beard
      No, not the same Mike. At the present time I'm 65 and still don't need glasses! Just lucky or maybe I missed something in life!!!


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        The X factor once you have everyone "clocked" is how are you and your opponent playing that day and how are the rolls going?

        I have beaten some of the best playing even in a single session but they figure to win in the long run. I have some opponents that I completely dominate with big spots but every once in awhile they torture me for a full session. Some days you are in dead stroke and some days it's like "Momma somebody shrunk my pocket." Some days it seems every roll goes your way and then there are those days where every shot your opponent takes, somehow, no matter how badly hit, works out perfect.

        The point being you may have a match perfectly "clocked" and still come out way on the short end because of the X factors.



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          I agree 100% Wayne. The last time I shot 1h was against a buddy of mine. He had never played the game, and shoots decent 9 ball, an SL7 in APA. He wanted to learn 1h and I decided to teach him what I knew. He beat my brains in...never once running over 2 balls...just simply, I could not find my hole with a roadmap!!! Then just two years ago, I play my buddy Pelican, and played some of the best one hole of my life...go figure.



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            Originally posted by hemicudas
            I see now. You must be the MIKE I was thinking of, LOL. The guy that beat us would be in his 60s now. Played solid bar pool. I don't remember seeing him again after that.
            Hemi, wish I was!! But unfortunately I lost that session to John. We played on a reg. table at the Boulevard Billiards in NE Philly.


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              Clocking a Player...

              Even though I am at best a "B" player, I can recognize skill, knowledge and temperment when I see it and evaluate another player. This is especally true if I get a chance to watch that player over a bit ot time.

              Now, I may not be able to consistently kick like Efren, but having seen what he does I can identify that skill in another player. same thing for banking or cut shots -- just because I cannot personally execute at Shannon's Level -- it doesn't mean that I am not able to handicap another player.

              "Clocking" another player has a lot more to do with understanding what is going on at the table than it does with being able to execute at the table, this is why some of the biggest winners are the guys who sweat the action -- they may not be able to play a lick, but they do know who is going to be the percentage favorite to win.


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                Handsome Dan

                Originally posted by NH Steve
                One guy who is pretty good at clocking players these days is the fellow seated between Rickie Byrd & Marshall Carpenter. I believe he's from Pittsburgh, PA -- but obviously he must get around a bit because Pittsburgh isn't exactly the crossroads of USA pool hustling . Not to knock the Steel City, it's just that it is a little more off the beaten path than, for example Chicago. I don't believe I have ever seen him play -- but he sure is a sharp observor of action.

                I believe his name is Steve, and I heard someone call him "ten-to-two" because of the slight natural lean to his head...
                His name is Steve and I've heard him called 'little Stevie' and he is from Pittsburgh and not only is he good at clocking players he can play a little himself.


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                  ...this is how I clock a player....

         sure fire method ...always works....hope ya "well healed" ya ...interupt the game in ...yellin' out........."any you suckers wanna play some 1 hole"....the one that smiles when he lifts his head is probably the best player.....then ya take 'em in big...cause I know that'll bring out your best palyin 'em count how much each has beatin you out of......the one with the most money...was the think...Ronnie Allen is the's got some of my ..duckets...from....40 years ago...sure he has them on the wall in a glass case.....
                  "...I'll take 9 to 6....ok then...I'll give you 9 to 6..."


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                    Hey Lee

                    How about setting up handicapped 1p tournaments in lovely Cotati, CA?
                    I've got everything we need. I can bring you the free Starter Kit. I wouldn't dream of charging a nickel until the system is 'perfect', and only then would gratuities from the players be the only acceptable form of payment for the Tournament Director, the House, this website, and I.

                    Frank Giordano
                    Leave Long And Prosper!