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  • The Ghost's Recommended Aiming System

    I'm not into aiming systems..but if I was - this is the only one that I would use ------>

    First off, let me sincerely thank once again all of my fellow members who voted for me to be the representative.

    As for my 2015 DCC experience, I’m gonna give my trip report with grades…

    WEATHER AND TRAVEL: GRADE A >>> No problemo's - thankfully, it was dry, clear, and not very cold.

    SOCIALIZING: GRADE A >>> As many other guys have already also said - it was great to hang out and play some One Pocket with my bro’s – both the guys I already know, and the ones I met for the first time..all good guys, and also, they can all draw their ball…the 3 reasons that I didn’t give this section an A+ instead of an A are: #1.There were a coupla guys that I didn’t get a chance to play, and/or hang out with. #2. Col. Bille got lucky and came out ahead playing me... And #3. At one point when a bunch of us were sitting/standing around our gambling table, somebody farted and nobody would own up to it…...

    As rep, I did make it a point as best I could, to introduce all of the guys to each other, who had never met before...and although I couldn't bring muffins from home to the DCC for everyone..instead, I did, while taking a drive to town, pick up a dozen doughnuts, and brought them down to the main tournament room for all the bro's on Monday afternoon.

    FOOD, AT THE VARIOUS HOTEL OPTIONS:FOOD QUALITY: GRADE C >>> the best two things I had, being the blackened salmon and the banana’s foster, at the buffet…..FOOD PRICES/VALUE FOR YOUR $$$: GRADE D- >>> here’s just one highway robbery example: the price for a cheese or almond Danish at the breakfast cafĂ© was $4.25......

    MY SATISFACTION WITH GAMBLING OPPORTUNITIES + MY WIN RATIO: GRADE B >>> Had a good win ratio for the trip, but it was disappointing that none of the partners matches that we had formulated had a chance to take place - woulda been a lot of fun, I was looking forward to them…and it was also disappointing that I didn’t get to steal Dr. Billy’s cash, since we never got to play our prop challenges…

    TOURNAMENT DRAW AND RESULTS: GRADE D- >>> A week and a half has gone by and I'm still pi$$ed off about how my matches went down...

    - Ghost
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    jrhendy: Ghost does come up with shots that others don't see.

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    I think....

    ......that system came about after "Day of the Jackal" came out.


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      Originally posted by One Pocket Ghost View Post
      I'm not into aiming systems..but if I was - this is the only one that I would use ------>
      Short backstrokes!



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        Does the scope have adjustments for squirt?


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          is that richie richeson?