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Artie's one pocket game

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    What I was told

    I never have seen Artie play. However in conversations with the Beard over the years he kept stressing to me to learn the complete shot. His thought process was this. If moving a ball to your side is the shot, then, look at the table, find a way to move the ball, and then stick to the back side of another ball, or the rack which limits your opponents response.

    He told me that Artie was the best at this he had ever seen. It may have taken him 15 minutes to find the shot, but when he shot it, it was a complete shot, he would move a ball to his advantage, and lock you down on another ball, the rack or where you had no response to his move. Yes he supposedly played a lock down game. Yet Freddie also said when you gave him the chance he would run 8 and out.

    I think Artie's mistake free one pocket is just that. Call it advantage one pocket. He positioned the balls to his advantage and forced the opponent into helping him do the same. At least from my conversations with Freddie that is what I gleaned from it.

    It didn't come over night, according to Freddie, Artie would spend hours perfecting how to roll a ball 3 inches to lock to another... How many of us do that? I know I spend a lot of time now perfecting the complete shot, and upset with myself when I miss the shot...meaning I moved the ball but didn't get the cue locked where I wanted it. So I chalk that up for a miss, or as I believe Artie would say a mistake. Notice I didn't say miss a ball at my hole. Missing a ball at the hole is a break in concentration,

    Time flies, as with all of us... I don't believe Artie can play the way he did anymore. But as I look in the mirror and see the old guy looking back... I don't either, but the knowledge remains and I for one appreciate the work he put in earlier in life.

    I would like a lesson or two from Artie whenever he is available. Knowledge is power... and luck does favor the prepared mind... just saying...

    Execution of the shot, some days I have it some days I don't...


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      Artie's one pocket game

      Good stuff, col!
      Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.


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        I never saw Artie play but many people I knew did play him and it was not a game that they went looking for to bet their cash. RA told me he could beat Artie because his style was better suited to the defense minded game of Artie's. Ronnie also told a lot of tall tales about his game so one has to take what he said in stride (RA RIP.) But he was considered the best during his time and must be acknowledged as such. It's so hard to compare and contrast the players of yesteryear to todays greats. Artie certainly has to be a top ten in my book. His style would be most formidable to todays greats…..