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Any action in Tucson, AZ?

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  • Any action in Tucson, AZ?

    I live in California but I go down to Tucson to visit my brother, I've gotten some action down there, a little one pocket mostly 9-ball though. Anyone know anybody down there that'll match up?

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    action in tucson

    Go to Clicks Billiards on 1st, just off of Fort Lowe. Guys there play anybody that happen to come to town and drop in. Favorite game there is onepocket, but they play nineball also.


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      Yeah, I've been to Clicks once and played some one pocket. I stalled for a little bit then when I showed signs that I could play the guy quit me. I also played a lot at Main Street, got some cheap action over there only with a couple guys. Couple guys tried to high roll me to look big in front of they're friends, some bullshit.


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        Originally posted by YouKnow662
        Couple guys tried to high roll me to look big in front of they're friends, some bullshit.

        There are really high rollers there.Go back to clicks,u will have handsfull.


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          Tucson Action

          I live in Tucson, and play almost nothing but one pocket. If you want action for more than 5 or 10 a game, Clicks is the only place in town. The only bigger action in the other pool rooms is when Clicks players are there for tournaments etc. The guy who pulled up on you must have been one of the weaker players, (like maybe myself). I have seen many road players walk out of Clicks with pockets full of cash, but then again I have also seen a couple of roadies donate a lot of money to our pool room also. I promise that if you come back there will be players who will stick with you. The collegiate players who were here last week for the junior nationals had plenty of action. We tried to get them to play one hole, and some did, but most insisted on 9 ball or 10 ball. PM me if you are going to be in town and I will point you in the right direction, or maybe even play you a little myself.