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    the end of my home room

    Don't kid yourself guys, in Cali it will be hard financially to withstand this long lockdown. Most of the other states allowed rooms to open more regularliy regardless of infection rate. I am not passing judgement on any other state but in Cali we've been closed and the infection rate is...
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    the end of my home room

    I hate hearing about rooms closing. There might be only twenty or so rooms left open in Cali when this is over. If its ever over?
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    Woodward vs Smith -- WWYD?

    Bank the two ball and draw the cueball such that you leave a combo on the stripped ball in opponents pocket. I see at least three balls and maybe many more if the bank is successful.
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    Derby City Classic

    We lost a lot of valuable time early on with the outbreak. No one really knew what to do, what treatments worked and how to keep the population safe. Masks work, masks don't work and social distancing measures were hard to implement and police. Even now we have a large segment of the population...
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    House of Billiards - Santa Monica Ca

    I just learned that the HOB in Santa Monica will NOT be opening its doors when the Covid Shutdown is lifted. It was a great One Pocket Room for many years. Its been open continously since about 1963. It was the home room for Wayne Pullen and Ritchie Griener.
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    Brother Jeff is that Humanly or Humanely possible. I quit smoking "puff the magic dragon" years ago and I still think a thicker hit on the six would allow my shot to succeed. Although Scott's shot is more doable and likelyer to be accomplished.
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    Derby City Classic

    I also have my room booked and if I can get a vaccine immunization shot, I am going. Otherwise???????
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    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    I watched about one half of the match. The sound was terrible first off and neither player is in the top twenty one pocket players for sure. They are both great ball strikers but the errors made had me scratching my head. Oscar has a bit more knowledge which showed up in the final score BUT at...
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    Come off the top of the six ball with inside english and get behind the two ball and push it slightly towards your hole.
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    Gomez has arrived

    Beware of lefties, they excell.
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    Kiamco vs Ellerman -- WWYD?

    If the two railer doesn't appeal to you, you also have the option of thinning the one ball and taking the cueball two rails up to the corner on Mitch's side.
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    Happy Birthday Kentucky!

    Eagles, wolves and beavers.................Happy B-Day.
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    Bank the striped ball one rail to your hole and draw the cueball off the two ball. Make something happen.
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    the hustler (1959)

    Cokes and I were pretty much at odds with each other over the years. He was always trying to trap me into games. I played all the games just good enough to understand where I was at most of the time. I believe he did well in real estate in later years.
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    The Freezer vs T-Rex

    Am I missing something? This match can't be played at the Freezer?