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    Own a piece of pool history

    I am posting this for the cue's owner, Alf Taylor. Eddie Taylor is recognized as the best bank pool player ever. 37 straight banks. Danny Janes made this Joss for him, for his Hall of Fame induction in 95. Eddie was my best friend and road mate. Ebony, silver, ivory and Lapis Lazule. Butt...
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    8 to 6 on a 9' table vs. on a 7' table

    I play a guy who gives me 8 to 6. We have about broken even after playing many sessions this way. We always play on a 9' Diamond table. Today they were recovering the 9' tables at the pool hall and my opponent asked if I wanted to play on one of the 7' tables. Since he plays on 7' tables a lot...
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    Photos from pool tournaments in the 1980s

    I'm sure that many long-time members of this forum are familiar with my photo hosting Website containing several hundred images of pool tournaments in the 1980s. The site ( was recently "remodeled" and I had to spend a few days getting the images reorganized. I like the new design of...
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    A YouTube video from Alf Taylor

    Alf Taylor asked me to post this link for him: :)
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    Alf Taylor's book gets some kind words from George Fels

    In the November, 2012 issue of Billiards Digest, the noted pool writer George Fels reviewed several DVDs and books. Fels mentioned that there had been “a spate of self-published, first-person accounts of players’ hustling days.” After mentioning a couple of such books, Mr. Fels goes on to say...
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    Praise for Alf's book from Astronaut Woody Spring

    A couple of weeks back Alf was waiting on a customer in his Moroccan rug store and learned that the customer was Woody Spring. Woody was a test pilot, astronaut, and highly decorated military man. Alf gave him a copy of his book and just today Alf sent me Woody's reaction to the read. Here's the...
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    Get an autographed copy of the Alf Taylor book and a photo with the author!

    Alf and Dick McMorran left this morning for Las Vegas and will be at the Riviera Hotel & Casino during the U.S. Open One Pocket Tournament. Alf will be sitting at a table in the vendors area and would love to talk with any of you AZ people who stop by. This would be a good chance for you to get...
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    Alf Taylor's book is now available for online ordering

    Alf's book, The Other Side of the Road: A Pool Hustler's Tale, can now be ordered on his Website: If you enjoy/collect books about the colorful characters who inhabited the pool world back in the 1960s and 1970s, this one is a must read. The front and back covers appear below.
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    How to handicap a one-pocket tournament?

    When I suggested a handicapped one-pockety tournament to the owner of the pool hall where I play, he said he'd be glad to do it if we could come up with a decent way of doing the handicapping. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any serious attempt to help out here. BTW, I know...
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    The very last of my old pool photos just went into a Smugmug gallery

    Back in 1980 I tried, for the first time, to take some pics at a pool tournament. I found the envelop with the photos, snapshots really, and it was labeled "1980 Pool Tournament." Not much to go on there! There were only 13 images, but at least the negatives were in there, so this morning I...
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    New gallery of old pool pics just finished

    I finally got around to editing and uploading some photos taken at the first Clyde Childress Memorial Pool Tournament in 1982. I had not done anything with these photos previously for three reasons. First, I didn't have the negatives and I like to be able to go back to scans of negatives for...
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    Jay Helfert's new book - Pool Wars

    Some of you may have heard that Jay Helfert has just finished writing his book of pool stories entitled Pool Wars. You can buy it by going to Jay's Website ( You can also go to Paypal ( or mail a check to him directly (P.O. Box 1883, Redondo Beach, Ca 90278)...
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    Vintage Palmer Cue in great condition - now on eBay

    Just a link to an eBay auction for a great old Palmer cue. Jack Jarvis asked me to help him sell this cue and we have it on eBay right now. Thanks for looking!:)
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    15 to 10 or 8 to 6; opinions please

    There is a guy at the local pool hall who usually spots me 8 to 6. We have played several times this way and overall are about even. Today he gave me 15 to 10. We broke even in a short session of 4 games. A local shortstop, after observing our game, came over to me and said that 15 to 10 might...
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    Schon STL-1, Mint, just $350!

    I bought this cue about two weeks ago. The cue is simply too stiff hitting for me and I have returned to my old playing cue. The cue has no dings or scratches of any kind and has less than two hours of play. I purchased joint protectors which will go with the cue. The butt weights 14.6 ounces...