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    For the largest part I don't believe the protesters are doing most of the burning and destruction. It seems to be gangs causing distractions so they can steal and more importantly , agents placed in the groups to cause things to get violent and uncontrolled , who knows whether it is extremist...
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    Sorry to hear your friend is ill, may God watch over him.
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    US One Pocket Players Only- 70's to Present

    Not sure this is what you are looking for , but it's my Steve Cook story. I knew one of the best card mechanics in the US back in the 60s and 70s and he had a brother who played pretty good pool. He tells me this story one day His brother calls, and says he's almost lost all his money playing...
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    US One Pocket Players Only- 70's to Present

    I don't know if he played much One Pocket, but I was told by a great player, that Rags Fitzpatrick was the best at every pocket billiards game until Efren . Who I think everyone agrees, that knows one pocket, was the goat. Then you have Cliff, lost with a ball to Efren, but beat everybody...
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    OP Jump/Bank!

    Great shooting Whitey, I wish I lived close enough to have some battles.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    What happened to Mitch I liked that guy.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    If he gives me 15 to 3 I will make him have nightmares about shooting at his pocket muahahahaha I will even wear my corona helmet.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    For a good player the 3 to win is pretty obvious, for all us guys that can't make 3 balls in a row any more , the 8 with shape in the corner for the 4 is my shot. I would make absolutely sure I did not touch the 13 or any of those other balls though , playing a shooter he might back cut the 11...
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    Ghost vs. John 54 wwyd?

    John must have a rabbits foot in his pocket, every time you have him in a horrible trap, he lucks a ball right in the way of the straight in shot he was going to leave if he shot anything less than perfect. This time the 4 ball gets right in front of the 3 which would have probably allowed you...
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    Efren vs. Medley Controversy!

    I have known Mike for about 50 years , he's a really good guy, nothing but respect for him. There must be more to this than whats on the surface. I'm not saying anything against Efren either , never had anything but extreme respect for him also.
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    Was the second to the left Flo ? I wasn't sure for the longest time if it was a guy or girl, strange person whichever flavor
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    Ghost vs. John 54 wwyd?

    This is sitting perfect for the shot John Brumback does in his banking video , he makes it 9 or 10 in a row lol. i would love to be 50 /50
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    Happy Birthday, Larry

    Happy birthday !
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    Ghost vs. John 54 wwyd?

    I would bank the 8 and leave my cueball there . I think the problem is not what to do here for John, but what should he have done 5 or 7 shots ago . Whenever an opponent always has balls piled up in front of their pocket and you are empty, it is usually because you are playing one ball one...
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    I think you have something there Whitey , I used to play a guy named Bill Mielke and he could generate more power with his wrist than I did using my arm. It was very noticeable on a 4 rail back and forth shot in the side pocket on a very slow table, I just could not get to the pocket no matter...