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    Donn vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    I also like sending the 3-ball past the right side of the 11-ball while hiding the cue ball behind the 10-ball. If the shot is executed as planned it then becomes a "cat-and-mouse" game from there until someone hiccups.
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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    In these trying times of political unrest, you have not only become one year older but you have also become a "revolutionist." You again made the trip around the sun one more time. Happy Birthday, Jason.
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    3 fouls, how common?

    I always play that 3 fouls in a row is the loss of the game when gambling. Unfortunately, this is not a rule written in stone and must be agreed upon before the game begins. As "jtompilot" posted earlier, " prevents players from continually tapping the QB. It’s one of the best rules we have."
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    You need 6, how to get out.

    13, 3, bank the 5, 11 and go into the 14 which should cause the 1 to go into 12 and break up the 6/7 balls whereby a follow up shot should be available.
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Happy Birthday. Keep on stroking, you're a resolute inspiration for all the members of
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    Ghost vs. Pat 27 wwyd

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    Donn vs. John 11 wwyd?

    One Pocket Ghost stated, "I will shoot the 8ball just left of straight ahead - having it hit my opponents long rail between the 13 and the foot rail...the 8 will then come out of the corner and either go into the 3ball, opening up the cluster to my side of the table...or the 8 will pass under...
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    Birthday! Bithday! Airport Jim!

    This is your day, Flyboy! Happy Birthday.
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    Chicago Artie/Bensingers/Speed Ck

    The "" forum has a collection of pool and billiard players from all over the country who love this game. Billy "mr3c" Smith is a recognized superior billiard player who loves this game. Our forum has appropriate guidelines governing conduct. Within this forum ideas and views are...
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    busty vs danny

    Since the cue ball is in a position that would allow a good spinning stroke on the cue ball, I would bank the 1-ball with high left spin and allow the cue ball to rebound off the long rail on my opponent's side of the table and back to the area of the foot rail between the middle and first...
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    dennis vs tony

    I like both shots that "gultportdoc" has posted. The deciding factor for me would depend on which shot would be the easiest to execute and ultimately make it toughest on my opponent. By playing either shot my 3-ball would be protected by blockers except for a two rail kick.
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    Ghost vs. Barry 8 wwyd?

    I am shooting the 5-ball into the 9-ball with the mindset on getting my cue ball to freeze to or get as close as possible to the 11-ball.
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    John vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    Deja vu! I had a similar table lay-out last night versus Neal Jacobs at Chris's Billiards. Based on the photo, I would select to come off the left side of the 15-ball with a touch of high left English. The cue ball would strike near the 1st diamond closest to my opponent's pocket on the...
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    Ghost vs. John 54 wwyd?

    Sappo said: This would definitely be my shot. If the 4 doesn't go there's a good chance the 6 will hide the 4. I would overcut the 6-ball without striking the 4-ball. I would try to place the 6-ball as near to my pocket as possible. I would use high left on the cue ball with the...
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    Happy Birthday, Donn. 🍀 May your special day be like a four leaf clover, filled with faith, hope, love, and luck.