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    5 rack game?

    One Pocket Ghost Pocket selection prior to break Free break from behind the line any legal pool shot Balls made on the break in your own pocket stay down & count Cue ball played where it lies after the break Re-break on a scratch on the break -1 penalty Shoot at your own pocket only, until you...
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    5 rack game?

    Honestly I’d like to see the “rules” so short they fit in a meme 😃
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    5 rack game?

    My suggestion was actually that the rules be simplified given it is essentially a "Ghost" game first and foremost, that is sometimes utilized in a gambling setting and sometimes utilized in a multiplayer challenge "tournament". In that regard I do not see the need to nitpick things like whether...
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    5 rack game?

    I’m confused about the comment about DCC rules. They were always “cue ball played where it lies” after the break, except on a scratch, which was BIH behind the line, minus 1 for the scratch, but considered well worth the penalty in exchange for BIH. I was there every year they had this, and I...
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    Blast from the past

    Thank you!!
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    WWYD-in this tough spot.

    If at the table I felt I could bunt to the bottom rail off the ball I am up against, and get back behind those balls, that would be my first choice. If the angle didn't look right for that I would not hesitate to take a scratch there, to protect my position. In doing that I would nudge the cue...
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    WWYD-in this tough spot.

    I consider a trap to mean when the player is at risk of selling out because they are in a difficult or confining situation with opponent threat ball(s) that put the shooter at risk. Yes, the shooter is confined here, but there is no threat -- in fact the shooter is already in a safe spot right...
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    Sylver Ochoa

    The guys in Texas might know more -- I believe he still pops in to Bogies now and then.
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    WWYD-in this tough spot.

    If that pocket with the 15 hanging in it is the shooter's pocket, I do not see how I as the shooter am in any kind of trap :unsure: Do I have the pockets reversed?? Cool shot though!! Thank you
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    My Theory on Position Play

    I've always been fascinated with the interplay between offense and defense in pool -- which is of course a big reason I was attracted to One Pocket. Is it true that players are "not supposed to play defense" in 3 cushion? I knew Boston Shorty because Boston is only about 1-1/2 hour from me and...
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    My Theory on Position Play

    Bill, this is very generous of you to share your inside advice in your area of expertise. Thank you! It is interesting to me -- in contrast to pool games like 9-ball and straight pool in particular, but even 8-ball and One Pocket at times -- the inherent risks of playing position (when you...
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    State Challenge/National Winner

    Something could work for sure. As I read what was proposed, basically two members play and the winner gets their 50 back, with the other 50 going toward the final round. Some states may have zero or one player. Maybe if only one, they have to compete vs any nearby state that has at least one, so...
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    Welcome caroms

    At some point I can go into admin and move some older threads here.
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    There was a crew replacing a roof across the street from my wife's showroom yesterday -- black shingles! Yikes!!