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    One Pocket: A Game Of Controlled Aggression

    UPDATE 1.17.21 The definitive book on One Pocket; One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression. Endorsed by the voice of Accu-Stats Billy Incardona, Hall of fame player Shannon Daulton, and Scott the "Freezer" Frost. Reviews are ALL five star rating. Order it today through paypal...
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    It was great to do the commentating with Jeremy Jones during this terrific match up between these two super talented One Pocket players. It ran for four days and was neck and neck all the way to the finish line when Justin finally forged ahead and took down the victory. Congratulations to Justin...
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    Happy Birthday Tom Wirth

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys and a very merry and safe Christmas to you all. Happy New Year too! I had a great day thanks not in a small part to the gang. Tom
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    Happy Birthday Jeff Sparks!

    Happy Birthday Jeff. Will AAKK double suited due for starters? Tom
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    Birthday Boys, Chicago Fats and one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday you two, Happy birthday you two, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO TOO. Tom
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    Happy Birthday Bill Incardona

    Happy Birthday Dr. Bill.
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    The Freezer vs T-Rex

    Thank you all for the kind words. They mean a lot to me. Teaching this game means as much to me as all the years I spent as a player. And a teacher's greatest reward comes in the appreciation of those who choose to listen. And thanks to Ray for putting on such a terrific presentation. He has...
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    Happy Birthday Miller!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Miller. Tom
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    Spring Members Tournament

    Looks like I.m well in the minority on this one. Please forgive me and accept my apology if I've come off sounding mercenary here. Maybe if the event was not limited to 24 players. I do see you all as friends first and combatants only when engaged in battle on the pool table. Tom
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    Spring Members Tournament

    Jim, you're a class act but that won't be necessary but it is always a pleasure to play One Pocket with you. Anyway, You may be the favorite these days. Tom
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    Spring Members Tournament

    Thank you John. And like all of us who frequent this site, I greatly appreciate your efforts in promoting and running these wonderful events. Tom
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    Spring Members Tournament

    Sorry, but I will never understand attending a tournament which offers zero financial incentive to the potential winner and it's not like anyone who plays in our events is a shoe-in to win. There are dead money players who attend tournaments all the time. This is nothing new. The bulk of...
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    One Pocket instructors Where are they?

    Adam, How ya doing? I try not to encourage my students to gamble with me but some do feel they get more out of the experience that way. A friend of mine came up with an interesting way to make a game which force us both to give a concerted effort. The first game was played even for whatever...
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    Spring Members Tournament

    John, I hope you will at least consider upping the entry fee. Any of us who chooses to pay the expenses to travel to one of these events can easily afford it. The player auction doesn't help much. As an example. In Chitown I bought myself and afterwards found that I had to come in second just to...
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    Spring Members Tournament

    Lou, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I on the other hand will stick to mine. I wonder what the other members think about it. How bout a poll? Camaraderie is fine but there is more to a pool tournament than just that. If all we want to do is meet up for a party than that's okay by me...