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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    What a view. One of our favorite places in the world is in Oregon just over the California border. You've got the rocky coasts, the Redwoods and a fair number of "roadside attractions" (like the Trees of Mystery) nearby. Really, really missing that now that we moved back to the East Coast and...
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    Looking forward to it!
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    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    I know this has been discussed somewhere in the forums before, but in the "spirit" of Ghost (see what I did there), I'm bumping up some ole photos that should easily bring a smile to all: black and white photos from ~1970 in Bensinger's: I have...
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    So I actually got to play Efren three games of One Pocket yesterday!

    Wow, that's awesome, Steve, what an experience! Next time he shows up in the Boston area, let me know as I'd be happy to donate to the cause also. :D Makes me wonder if pros could actually make a decent wage if they did more of these, assuming they had someone putting them up each night so they...
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    Grady's Twist Bank!

    It might could.
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    Grady's Twist Bank!

    Great shot, and thanks for sharing! Love those twist banks.
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    Official Derby City player sponsor thread

    Donation sent. May the pool gods be with you.
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    Monthly one pocket tourney at California Billiards

    In case you were planning to go to California Billiards today for their monthly one-pocket tournament today, don't. It's cancelled due to a 2-day 9-ball tournament they have there this weekend. :/
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    Buddy vs Shannon - '98 Legends of One Pocket

    Here's a shot from the finals of the '98 Legends of One Pocket. It's Buddy's shot, he's down 5-0 in balls and 4-2 in games. His pocket is 'A' just to be clear. They're racing to 5. What would you shoot? <iframe...
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    Providence/Boston area $1000 added One Pocket Tournament - Saturday November 6th

    In an effort to rejuvenate one pocket here in the Northeast, we're holding what will hopefully be the first of many one pocket tournaments in the area. So, without further ado... ONEPOCKET.ORG AND SNOOKERS PRESENT **************************** SNOOKERS ONE POCKET FALL CLASSIC 2010 "One Pocket...
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    Action: Jet vs Brumback

    Anyone know if there is any truth to Jet playing Brumback banks in Chicago? Only asking as I saw this post on AZB: Updates are welcome and appreciated.
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    Mosconi at Bensinger's

    Check out this find I recently picked up. It's an old 4x5 negative from 1959 of Mosconi shooting a trick shot called the 'Drunken Sailor shot' (?) at a pool hall located at 29 W Randolph in Chicago, and lo and behold, the pool hall just happens to be the one and only Bensinger's, where it...
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    Wisconsin One Pocket Tournament: entry deadline June 4

    I hadn't seen this tournament advertised before, so I figured I'd post it here. According to the flyer, the entry deadline is June 4. Anyone planning on going to this? Ghost, Chicago Mike? It also says Gabe is having a one pocket clinic at the tournament, limited to 10 participants. Wish I lived...
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    End game: Bustamante vs. Ochoa

    This was the last game of the 2010 DCC one pocket semi-final match between Bustamante and Ochoa. Busta really should have won this game (and the match as this was the hill game), but he let Ochoa back into this game twice. Anyways, at this point Busta is down 6-7 and has pocket A. It's Busta's...
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    Ronnie's 'special' cue for one-handed play

    I'm hoping someone can provide more info on the cue that Ronnie Allen used for one-handed play. Back in the day, I'm sure he could whoop most everyone one-handed regardless of what kind of cue he used, but I've heard it mentioned a few times that he had a 'special' weighted cue/shaft. Does...