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    NYC Landing

    I'm in town this week, looking for a friendly game. I'm staying in Midtown and generally fear the unknown, so our venue options may be limited to Amsterdam Billiards. In return for your immense personal sacrifice—a brief hiatus from the consumption of mainstream political melodrama—I offer the...
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    Austin TX 5/2-5/6

    I will be in Austin for a conference May 2 - May 6 and plan on visiting the following places: > Fast Eddie's, Round Rock > Skinny Bob's, Round Rock I haven't played in a while so I'm an easy target. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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    Dallas, TX

    Are there any Diamond tables in Dallas area? Where are the best places to play in terms of equipment? Here are some bars I've frequented: - Rack Daddy's, Coit and Frankford - Billiard Den, Arapaho and Custer (had 12ft snooker table, not sure if still does) - Hawley's Billiards, Alpha and the...
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    Dallas Equipment

    After the Diamond tables were removed from Billiard Den (Arapaho+75) I have not been able to find any good tables to play one-pocket on, in the Dallas area. I play at Rack Daddy's (Coit+Frankford), but the action there is scarce, and the equipment is mostly in poor condition. The only 9' shimmed...