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  1. 12squared

    The Best of Lockdown 2020 - One Pocket Ghost 15 ball Run

    It took me over 150 tries to run all 15 balls playing the one pocket ghost, but I finally did it! This post was made for a couple reasons as I will discuss. First, I hate Joshua Filler. After watching him play the ghost in Roy's Basement for a couple months and him making it look so easy, I...
  2. 12squared

    jrhendy did this in the 90s, what were you doing?

    Rummaging through old t-shirts I found this great memory. John ran this league/tourney in the mid 90s and yes, even a dog like me was able to qualify. LOL. I had John sign the back although faded, you can still see it with the date. I've said it before and I'll say it again, John is/was great...
  3. 12squared

    How to Watch Streaming One Pocket... wife is thrilled 😂🤣😂🤣
  4. 12squared

    Griff's Visit Tonight

    Hi all, Diane and I are on our way to Palm Springs area for a few days of fun in the sun, including watching the pros golf in La Quinta and the associated concerts. We decided to drive straight through to Las Vegas (12 hours) to have a shorter drive the next day for the Stevie Nick's concert...
  5. 12squared

    Is This The New Forum Software?

    ...If so, it looks really clean. Thanks for all the hard work Chris and Steve. Dave
  6. 12squared

    Alex Pagulayan vs. Ian Costello Late Night Action

    Just heard on the poolactiontv stream of the Turkey Shoot at Griffs, that Alex Pagulayan will play Ian Costello one pocket tonight after tourament play concludes. I don't know the spot and there may not be commentary, but Ray said they would be streaming it. Terry Hanna said this: Alex is...
  7. 12squared

    Handicap One Pocket Tounament Details - Felt. Englewood, CO

    Hi all, Since there was interest in the format of the race-based differential handicapped one pocket tourney I played in on my b-day, I compiled the details: Tournament Director was Doug Seeley w/a little help from his wife, Christine. Thanks Seeleys. $100 entry fee with $15 taken out for...
  8. 12squared

    Scott Kitto's T-shirt - love it!

  9. 12squared

    LS John's Great Quote

    While in the booth with Mary, she was trying to show John how to turn himself off (the mic) if he needed to. John said something like "I can't turn myself off when I'm near you!" It was hilarious and you could see Mary blushing through the mic. Good one are a smooth operator...
  10. 12squared

    Happy birthday, ChicagoMike!

    Mitch started a thread in the Members Cafe that I replied to, but thought I'd start one in the main forum because Mike's that cool to deserve 2. Lol Happy birthday, Mike. Dave.
  11. 12squared

    JRB 🆚 Robocop in Las Vegas tonight at 4:30 pm Vegas time

    For those not on Facebook, Roy's Basement will be free streaming the following: Roy's Basement 1 hr · JRB 🆚 Robocop in Las Vegas tonight at 4:30 pm Vegas time and we will have the livestream here💪🏼 via Don Carlos Sanchez iPhone👏👏 13-4 / 14-4 One Pocket Race to 5 for more than 100k in the...
  12. 12squared

    Happy birthday, Island Drive!

    Wishing you a happy birthday, Bill. Dave
  13. 12squared

    My Worst Nightmare - jtompilot 3 n' out 2018 MOT

    Hi all, This is not a great video, but it's good enough to see how Jim won the hotseat from me in the 2018 MOT at CA Billiards. It was 2-2 in games and of course I needed 1 ball. Commentators were Jay and Tom. Great shot, roomie, and well deserved...
  14. 12squared

    Happy birthday, Tobermory!

    Happy birthday, Mike, from a mile high. Dave
  15. 12squared

    Happy Birthday John Henderson!

    Happy birthday to my 'old' friend. Is this the big one? Dave
  16. 12squared

    Tournament Director Challenge - Lizz Hilton vs. Jeanne Long!!!

    Who wins? - Both fantastic and tireless workers (with nice handwriting). - Both are the better halves of 2 great members that do a lot for - Both are very pleasant to be around even when things may go a little sideways. I would go into battle with either of them, just...
  17. 12squared

    Thank You - Nobody's More Surprised Then Me!

    Hi All. Never expected this, but I won the MOT in Philadelphia this weekend. No more 6th to Henderson's 5th. LOL It truly is the land of brotherly love. :eek::) First I want to thank Steve Booth for the website, Mitch Brown and everyone at Bluegrass Billiards for hosting the event this year...
  18. 12squared

    POVPOOL - Next Featured Match :)

    Our own Baby Huey vs. Amar Kang coming up next on POVPOOL:
  19. 12squared

    Houston, We Have a Problem

    Hi all, Just logged into a computer at the hotel since I have no more matches in tournament play, sadly. I finished one out the money in the first seniors event I qualified for...I hope I remember my time here in a month or so. :) Bogie's is a great room and they are treating the players...
  20. 12squared

    John Barton v. Justin Marks - live

    It's on Facebook so I guess not everyone can get it. I don't know what they are playing for but it's a race to 15. I think they are playing even. The score in games is being taped to the table so now it's 7-7.