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  1. NH Steve

    Welcome caroms

    At some point I can go into admin and move some older threads here.
  2. NH Steve

    Basic Bank Rules

    Object of the game The object of Bank Pool is to outscore your opponent(s) in pocketing balls by bank shots only. Each player in turn may shoot any object ball into any pocket, but every shot must be a legal bank shot to count. The first player to reach the required winning count wins the game...
  3. NH Steve

    One Pocket Ghost

    Rataman posted Stardust results and it prompted me to look at some old National Billiard News, and I found this Nick Varner article from 1982 where he describes playing the One Pocket Ghost. My understanding is that The Ghost goes back to Johnston City, because in one of my interviews it was...
  4. NH Steve

    Alternate rules for TD's to manage tournament match times

    Here are some of the ideas we have been talking about in the "rules committee" of myself, Dennis Young and Bob Jewett. We have a lot of healthy disagreement on these, so if you also disagree, you are in good company lol. Please note that only the 7.1 Three fouls in a row is an actual rule -- the...
  5. NH Steve

    2020 Members Only Tournament is at Chris's in Chicago!

    Make your plans to attend our 2020 Members Only Tournament!! Chris's is a classic poolroom -- featured in the movie "The Color of Money" -- with a mix of Diamond and Gold Crown 9' tables, and several billiard tables as well. Chris's Billiards, 4637 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL (773) 286-4714...
  6. NH Steve

    So I actually got to play Efren three games of One Pocket yesterday!

    Efren is here in the states for the DCC and he apparently had a sponsor in MA who was hosting him at his house for a few days this week, with Efren doing a few local fund-raisers exhibitions in the greater New England area. He was supposed to play pro Mick Dechaine maybe yesterday afternoon but...
  7. NH Steve

    2020 Members Only Tournament location poll

    Okay it is time to choose our location for our Jun 5-6-7 Members Only Tournament (MOT). We have four rooms to choose from this year -- two new locations and two repeat locations. Here they are with the basic information as provided by our local room liaisons. These tournaments are a blast and...
  8. NH Steve

    Rules Update Conversation

    Our Official One Pocket Rules were adopted in 2005 and have served the One Pocket community very well for 15 years now. Most tournaments either use them directly or they use something that is essentially a knock off of our rules. No, we are not trying to "change the game" with these rules! One...
  9. NH Steve

    How to get a profile photos (avatar) instead of the purple circle :)

    It's easy! You can do it in basically three little steps. #1 click on your name up at the top right of the screen when you are logged in and your user control panel opens to the first level #2 Bring your mouse up to the purple circle and the word "edit" will appear -- click on "edit" #3 That...
  10. NH Steve

    Official Derby City player sponsor thread

    Sorry I should have started this a while ago, but here it is -- never too late!! The way it works is those who donate, their votes count on a prorated basis depending on what they donate. Likewise we will hold a raffle among those who donate to the player fund, on the same prorated basis. Cory...
  11. NH Steve

    Our One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner

    As most of you know, the Derby City Classic can no longer host our HOF dinner on premises. And anything local would really not be very local, since the nearest town of New Albany is a solid 20 minutes or so away. It's not the Derby/Diamond people's fault at all -- they very much still want us...
  12. NH Steve

    Quick Banks game

    I got a local player to try this -- he could easily understand it. You have to understand up here in NH most players have never heard of Bank Pool -- we are way out of "bank pool country" lol. Rack just 3 balls -- you can call a bank on the break (i.e. four railing one of the wing balls) and if...
  13. NH Steve

    Photos from Bogie's Senior One Pocket

    What a great tournament, and great time! We had a full and enthusiastic field this year with a number of new players, including Nick Varner and Steve 'The Lizard' Smith. California was well represented, as was Florida, plus about every other region of the country! I have created a gallery of...
  14. NH Steve

    Caption This Photo

    Well one of you a couple of events ago started the idea of "Caption This" and it seemed like so much fun, now I am keeping my eyes open for pics that are good candidates :D:D Here is one to start with! I'm hoping that whoever ends up in one of these has a good sense of humor -- I know these two...
  15. NH Steve

    Nice donation to

    Someone made a nice unsolicited donation to support over the senior Bogies weekend, THANK YOU!!! Cinci and I are pursuing upgrades to our forum software to hopefully make it easier to navigate and post on cell phones in particular (without relying on tapatalk). So when that...
  16. NH Steve

    One Pocket HOF dinner location

    I have been informed by the Horseshoe staff that they no longer have any available room facility there to host our Hall of Fame dinner. That is a result of the renovations that are moving the casino from the boat to the mainland (as a result of law changes I presume). Too bad, the Derby City...
  17. NH Steve

    Preferred format for our MOT

    So what do you all want? This would be a multiple choice poll, something like this: Standard double elimination format races to 3, finals a single race with hot seat winner getting the first break (alternate break after that first game) Round robin preliminary flights, bracket final X...
  18. NH Steve

    New Cloth

    The club that I play at most often just got their Brunswick 5 tables reclothed with Simonis 860 -- the kind with the extra reinforcement in it because the tables get so much use lol. Anyway, I always like brand new cloth because banks that otherwise won't go on those tables suddenly go -- nice...
  19. NH Steve

    New members having trouble registering here

    Quite often I get questions like, "I signed up, why can't I post?" Or "Why am I not registered because I signed up and answered all the questions?" Sometimes the inquiry comes through a fellow member, but often it comes via our "Contact Us" form here on the website. If you are one...
  20. NH Steve

    Benefits of playing One Pocket

    I saw an article recently about how certain activities that stimulate your mind actually reduce your chances of dementia and Alzheimers. Good deal -- no wonder we have a great group of senior members!!!