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  1. Tom Wirth

    New "Controlled Aggression" Shirts

    My Polo shirts are ready for purchasing! These shirts are available in three colors. Black, Blue, Red Sizes available in large and extra large Special orders are also available. Check with me for options. Polyester and cotton blend Logo is neatly embroidered $38.00 Free US shipping Paypal to...
  2. Tom Wirth

    My newest of my new videos

    I posted this video in the links and review forum on Friday but no one seems to go there. Only 5 visits in all. So, I'm taking this opportunity to post it here in hopes that you guys will take more notice. Many of you know much of this stuff already but there are so many others who I feel can...
  3. Tom Wirth

    My newest new video

    I didn't get the issue fixed. The problem belongs to cyberlink but I did learn a way around the problem and it works something like what Sheldon was telling me. So thank you Sheldon. You know your stuff. Tom One Pocket Break Shots
  4. Tom Wirth

    One Pocket: A Game Of Controlled Aggression

    The definitive book on One Pocket; One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression. Endorsed by the voice of Accu-Stats Billy Incardona, Hall of fame player Shannon Daulton, and Scott the "Freezer" Frost. Reviews are ALL five star rating. Order it today through paypal. Or, if...
  5. Tom Wirth

    Happy Birthday to one of the best or the best!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jeff Sparks! May this day be one of your happiest and memorable days. Tom
  6. Tom Wirth

    Bad rolls?????

    What are your thoughts on bad rolls? I'm not taking about what your opponent may do or how lucky he may get on any given shot. None of us has any control over what they may do on their shots. I"m talking about what we do on our shots. Do you ever feel you got unlucky when you've just shot a...
  7. Tom Wirth

    I found this on facebook

    NO wonder these guys play so good!
  8. Tom Wirth

    A Ball on the break proposal

    In watching yesterday's match between Scott Frost and Danny Smith I heard an interesting idea when it came to a player who makes a ball on the break and the re-rack rule is in force. Did any of you catch this? I don't know if this rule was implemented in this match but here is what was at...
  9. Tom Wirth

    Is this bridge legal?

    So one of me students brought this bridge device to me today and I suggested that it probably would not be legal in tournament play. I can see where if someone brought this out in a gambling match there would likely be a long discussion before it gets used. In looking up the general rules for...
  10. Tom Wirth

    My newest One Pocket Video 7.25.19

    As promised, here is a link to my You Tube video demonstrating the frozen ball push through shot. According to the rules I found in the official BCA rule book the shots you will see in this video are perfectly legal. See rule 3.22 Fouls by double hit: "If the cue ball is touching the required...
  11. Tom Wirth

    Feed Your Head

    Hi OP folks, I just uploaded another You Tube Video for your enjoyment. Here is the link If you wish me to continue providing links to my videos please let me know of your interest. Believe it or not, these videos take a lot of work to produce but...
  12. Tom Wirth

    Thinking of coming to Philly

    But I need an added incentive. I have a number of students down here and the loss of that income will be greatly missed. If I venture into the "upper south", as Foghorn Leghorn would say, are any of you mugs who live along the 95 corridor interested in a little sparring action or a lesson or...
  13. Tom Wirth

    Controlled Aggression Book & DVDs

    YOU CAN STILL ORDER MY BOOK AND DVDs AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE AS A SET "One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression" and three videos. "A Series of Unique Shots and Situations:" In this video is: Banks, Kicks, Kick Banks, Tickies, Caroms, Double Kiss shots, Intentional fouls and more. "The...
  14. Tom Wirth

    Tom Wirth's new page

    I'm sure many of you know of what happened on my facebook page. I was hacked. It was bad for me and bad for many others too. The thing that was so bad about the whole hacking thing was how it affected so many people other than myself. Even though I was a victim along with a host of others it...
  15. Tom Wirth

    My newest You Tube video.

    Hi all you One Pocket enthusiasts. Pulled it down. Not enough enthusiasm for my taste. You can watch it from my You tube channel if you know where to look. Tom
  16. Tom Wirth

    Caroms and throws

    This newest video is out NOW!. "Caroms and Throws" is a study much like a class room. I explain how throw shots work and how to calculate the distance a ball can be thrown. The second part of this video is all about carom shots. Caroms between two or more object balls and caroms which send...
  17. Tom Wirth

    One pocket lessons

    Want to learn how to play One Pocket on a higher level? Want to do that without others knowing? Want your lessons on video so you can go over them as often as you like? Consider coming to my home in Delray Beach, Florida for the best One Pocket lessons you will ever hope to get. The rates also...
  18. Tom Wirth

    Controlled Aggression DVD #2

    A SECOND DVD IS AVAILABLE. This newest video in the series covers patterns for running balls into a single pocket. A matter of fact, that's what it's called. "The Running Of The Balls" 18 racks of 8 and out! Each one with commentary explaining the thinking and patterns needed to consistently...
  19. Tom Wirth

    Looks like I will be able to make this event after all

    It was touch and go for quite awhile but I think I've got things settled enough that I can attend the CA tournament. That is if there is still open slots and I can get a hotel room. So if any of you are still looking for a roommate to share the cost. I could be interested. I've had a number of...
  20. Tom Wirth

    Are you aware of what's going on on AZB?

    Show your support for our most respected member, Get Billy I in.