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  1. sappo

    Donn vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    I like softly sending the 3 ball past the right side of the 11 ball having it rest right in front of my pocket and drawing whitey to the side rail. Best cue ball location behind/ on top of the 10 ball. If I get right on the 10 ball his in big trouble. If he can see the 2 balls by my hole he has...
  2. sappo

    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Ky, you were not the only one that didn't choose the bank. Post #3 I chose to play off the 13 ball and hide the cue ball under the 6 ball. I think we should change the titles of these to WTBS, or Whats The Best Shot. When I answer these situations I reply with the shot that I would play not with...
  3. sappo

    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Im definitely playing the cueball off the 13 ball, into the side rail and parking whitey under/ behind the 6 ball. Keith
  4. sappo

    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    I like banking the 15 ball 1 rail and spinning the cue ball up to the top corner area by the 14 ball. K
  5. sappo

    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    This is the shot I saw also, that being 3 railing the 10 ball and playing the cue ball around the table. Good eye Old School. Keith
  6. sappo

    John vs. Rich 2 - wwyd?

    As a few have already said, play the 15-13 combo with the goal of putting both balls by my holland leaving him long and as straight as possible on the 8 ball.
  7. sappo

    WWYD Baby Huey

  8. sappo

    Ghost vs. Mike 7 wwyd?

    I doubt the Ghost wii be upset seeing as you just put 2 more balls in play on his side????
  9. sappo

    Ghost vs. Mike 7 wwyd?

    The cue ball hit the 9ball, as you were worried about I didn't analyze my position from that point s I was only interested in getting the cue ball on the 14. The 2nd attempt I got the cue ball where I wanted and the 5 ball moved 2 diamond up the side rail. Its a shot I haven't practiced in the...
  10. sappo

    Ghost vs. Mike 7 wwyd?

    Any comments on this choice? I set it up and executed it on the 2nd attempt. I feel it leaves my opponent in a very tough spot. K
  11. sappo

    Ghost vs. Mike 7 wwyd?

    I think you can thin the 5 ball with a bit of left spin and have the cue ball run; side rail, side rail and snuggle up on the 10 and 14 balls. Keith
  12. sappo

    John vs. Barry 8 - wwyd?

    Just curious do you remember what John did from there?
  13. sappo

    John vs. Barry 8 - wwyd?

    Take your time, you never can be too careful.
  14. sappo

    John vs. Barry 8 - wwyd?

    I think if you put whitey just to the left of the 12 ball on the center table side of the 12 ball, against the top rail I don't think you have a free shot at any ball. Keith
  15. sappo

    John vs. Barry 8 - wwyd?

    I like coming softly off he 12 and leaving him close to the top rail. Looking for something better next inning. K
  16. sappo

    Baby Huey and The Pilot are facing off this week!

    A shot clock would not hurt this match. K
  17. sappo

    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Happy Birthday John, I miss our tournament bets. Hopefully if the world ever gets normal we can start up again. Remember, I get 1st pick. Keith
  18. sappo

    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    Steve, very impressive work. They look great. K
  19. sappo

    Buffalo's High Stakes One Pocket Action John Macias vs Josh O'Neal Today 1pm Central

    Thats the way it should always be, there aint no problems then. K
  20. sappo

    Francisco Bustamante vs Tony Chohan-One Pocket Action-June 16th-17th-18th

    Kind of amazing, not that many people watching the match at Buffs.