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    Wheeling, WV MONSTERS ONLY One Pocket Challenge (Corner Pocket Billiards)

    Corner Pocket Billiards in Wheeling, WV is hosting a MONSTERS ONLY One Pocket Challenge on Thursday, April 24th starting at Noon. The event has a $1500 buy in and a 16 player maximum field. Race to 4 winners side Race to 3 losers side Alternate breaks Played on 3 9ft Diamonds 1st Place...
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    Player ID from action stream at DCC

    I saw just one game late one night on Bigtruck's stream of the action room on poolactiontv... there was a guy playing some high quality one pocket that I didn't recognize... Only way I can describe him was fairly small, and sort of short length ponytails... brown hair. I saw the one game and...
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    Austin, TX

    I am gonna be in Austin, TX for 4 nights in April... any good pool rooms with one pocket and/or banks action? Cheap action for me, but also love to watch the bigger games...
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    Irvine, CA area (Orange County)

    Any good pool halls in the Irvine, CA area (or Orange County)? Mostly interested in one pocket or banks... I will be out there in early April.
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    Hello from a frequent reader

    Hello to all... I have been reading the board for a while and have learned a ton! I am particularly appreciative of the pool history and stories that get relayed on this site... there are some incredible posters! I am located in the Wheeling, WV area - not exactly a mecca of one pocket, but we...