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    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    meme says it all.
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    Derby City Calcuttas

    With respect to the calcuttas they had a long time ago in the Derby, was it always just the last 16 of the 9-ball players? Or were there other types? What was the last year they did calcuttas? Thanks.
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    Dustin Miller

    Yeah, yeah, I know this ain't exactly one pocket related, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Dustin for being such a great guy. In addition to supporting the site and being an all-around nice gentleman, this guy flew to New Jersey to support Lou in his Battle Against Darkness. So...
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    What do you need from Nick Varner?

    Earl the Pearl
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    favorite handicaps

    Aside from adjusting the ball counts that each player needs to reach, what are the ways you enjoy spotting or being spotted and why? For example, no 3-foul, three-and-stop, etc.
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    A little Thinking "Out of the Box" Fun!

    Here's another...which brings up another good topic : who's up for a meme thread? Kinda like AZ's funny gif and joke thread. I've got an arsenal of good ones and just figured out how to upload them. Post here or PM me.
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    A little Thinking "Out of the Box" Fun!

    I'll go first...
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    Destin, Florida (not pool related)

    Hey, guys, I am honeymooning is early July in Destin. Any attractions, restaurants or things that should not be missed? Any pool halls? Anything you'd recommend on the way from KY to FLA (other than the Smokehouse Restaurant in Chattanooga)? Sorry, I know this is off topic but I know you...
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    one pocket player from Louisville, KY

    Someone called me about a 1p game from Louisville maybe 2 weeks ago. I accidentally erased it and have been crazy busy, just remembered it. Either call or PM me and we will get together, good sir! 270-570-1103
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    Jenna Jameson & Alexis Texas to take up 1p

    Thought I might try diverting the angst to some wholesome imagery...that's all I got, mkbtank! Bet it would get more viewers than Bonus Ball.
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    3C and 1P

    I was reading the Sang Lee story and got thinking about 3C and gambling. It seems like it would be rather different than other games. Let's take banks - you watch a guy stiff three or four at warp speed and it "puts a tremble in your stroke." Same with nine-ball - guy breaks at around 22 mph...
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    Making a ball on the break

    Has anyone else noticed that if you fail to make contact with the head ball and you hit the second ball full with a nearly fully loaded CB that you will make the corner ball from time to time? Similarly, have you noticed that those who really load a break and DO hit the head ball first also tend...
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    Wet tables

    Okay, it's almost April in Kentucky and the humidity will be here soon. From time to time, I get involved in games where the tables goes wet. Although I consider myself a decent banker, I get extremely frustrated banking on a wet table. Usually, I start off trying to systematically shoot them...
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    gorrina cloth

    Can anyone comment how the Gorrina cloth banks? I have been watching some IPT matches and it seems like it would be very grabby. And if you consider they are playing on Diamonds, I bet it made for some interesting banks.
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    To all you Windy City folk - I took my girlfriend up to Chicago this summer to propose to her. One day we went to Panozzo's deli (we are wannabe foodies). The food was simply incredible, but more to the point - I recently saw a picture of what I guess is the owner of Billiards Digest - Mike...
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    favorite accu-stats matches?

    Hey, one pocketeers, I'm fixing to order some new one pocket vids from Accu-Stats. Please share with me your absolute favorite matches and why you think they are contenders. I am looking for top-notch play with quality strategic commentary, preferably Varner, Beard, Grady and Billy.
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    Reyes vs. Gentile 2011 US Open

    Fellow one pocketeers: as you well know, the internet is littered with lots of 1p vids. However, alot of them are just so-so. Personally, when I watch a match, I look for 3 things - quality, playing and commentary. So, it takes a good bit for me to acquire a keeper. What am I yammering...
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    Bowling Green, Kentucky

    Any one-holers in BG? Dan
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    Cliff Joyner

    Just watched some recent footage of Cliff and Ike from Tunica. The most recent match other than that I have in my collection is from maybe 2003. It would appear Cliff has changed his stroke somewhat, nearly one-stroking a lot of balls and moving on shots. Is he just getting older or was the...