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  1. ChicagoFats

    Tuesday July 28th 7pm central-Justin Bergman vs Danny Harriman-Full Rack Banks Old School Style 😲

    Thanks for putting this video clip together and posting it!
  2. ChicagoFats

    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    I haven't had the pleasure of playing you but wish you a happy birthday!
  3. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I like a lot of things about this shot and probably would end up being my first choice. Only thing I don't like about this shot is if you put left on it, you leave the straight back bank on the 4 with a huge pocket that enables your opponent to pocket the 4 and if he hits it in off the 2...
  4. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    If I decided to shoot the 1 directly into the 10 I would decide one of two ways to shoot it. Track 1: I would shoot this with extreme 6 oclock to drag the cue ball into a stop shot on the 1. My intention would be to hit it where I plan on leaving my self a cross corner bank on the 1. I played...
  5. ChicagoFats

    bridge hand distance

    Tony is very tall and also has a great stroke.
  6. ChicagoFats

    bridge hand distance

    If i have to cinch a ball on a long shot, i ALWAYS shorten my bridge. Take it with a grain of salt because I have terrible fundamentals so this helps. I also can draw a ball pretty far and believe it or not I like to be closer to the cue ball for some reason which defies others logic/science.
  7. ChicagoFats

    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy Birthday Southhaven Rec 2nd Inaugural Champion!
  8. ChicagoFats

    Blast from the past

    I feel like justin cone was just playing on a stream giving a lot of weight against Tommy Medina. Maybe it was from Derby.
  9. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    Pic of kybanks
  10. ChicagoFats

    Top U.S. players 2020: Comments welcome

    How did he end up with leek?
  11. ChicagoFats

    Covid 19 one hole

    I actually thought about creating a camera that would read in the ball placement and then it could use that system that projects on the table. Or If you could magnetically manipulate the ball location, it would be awesome. I would imagine this table would cost 100k.
  12. ChicagoFats

    Ghost vs. Mike 7 wwyd?

    I agree with Dr bill.... i would kick the 5 ball in. I actually was working on my straight pool game with Dallas West when he suggested a similar shot. At first I was shocked but then I really understood the merit in the choice.
  13. ChicagoFats

    Ghost vs. Pat 27 wwyd

    Thats funny... I actually got out to Red Shoes last night. Some guy asked me to play I was on the gambling machine. I say sure. He breaks pretty awesome. I am kinda locked up where I need to take a foul. I decide to shoot into the stack carom off two balls with extreme draw to carom into a...
  14. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Barry 7 - the end game - wwyd?

    I am starting to slowly play tighter :)o_O
  15. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Barry 7 - the end game - wwyd?

    The line on the 3 ball may be off depending on exact angles and where you hit it. It might go up and back towards your hole. You would have a pretty good feel for speed standing at the table. The cue ball you would have to decide between straight follow or using high left to come two rails...
  16. ChicagoFats

    John vs. Barry 7 - the end game - wwyd?

    I am playing the 9 off the 3 cross corner towards my hole and bringing cue ball back to where it is now
  17. ChicagoFats

    Baby Huey's OP Shot!

    I was gambling with Roberto Gomez at Chris Billiards and he showed me this shot after our session. I hadn't seen it before.
  18. ChicagoFats

    Chicago cuemakers back in the day.

    I think Steve(can't recall his last name at the moment) let me hit with a Kersonbrock when I was like 17 at Carlo's Billiard Academy. If I remember it right, he let me break a 9 ball rack with it which i was surprised. However I did buy a nice Schuler from him before this. I broke and ran out...
  19. ChicagoFats

    Donn vs. John 11 wwyd?

    If you leave the 1 ball there... my next shot would be to send both of those balls to my pocket.