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    runnels vs. yee shot question

    thoughtful ideas thank you all for the replies
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    runnels vs. yee shot question

    howdy y'all was phil going for his pocket w the kiss? if so, is that your shot in this situation?
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    what are your favorite (one pocket) books?

    check- thanks agin
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    CaliRed/Greg and his video stash

    stumbled onto these in my pool searches pretty sweet bunch and I looked Greg up a little as a seattle denizen myself I found it quite cool he was a houseman at the 211 club anyway, if he's still around and anybody's got a line please wish him well and tell him thanks...
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    pat fleming--the creative edge

    word, I also enjoyed pat's "creative edge" videos. vid links:
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    what are your favorite (one pocket) books?

    hi, thanks- was billy's book printed or is it just on dvd? and thanks all for the replies! my list is growing ^_^
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    what are your favorite (one pocket) books?

    hope this msg finds you all well- just finished tom wirth's "controlled aggression" and loved it I don't have the dough for any of those fancy eddie robin books but appreciate advice on the subject (pool) in general, non-fiction/fiction ok..I like stories grissim and tevis and byrne, etc. one...
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    lil 1p book excerpt

    from "fast company" by jon bradshaw there's also a fun story about fats playing weenie beenie I can try to post it if people want, but it's 10-11 pages
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    what do you think of straight pool?

    I know this is a one pocket forum, but the games seem to have things in common philosophically, and in terms of play- just curious what you all think on the subject, if you play, etc.
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    one pocket rules question

    first post, noob to the game..nice to be here "...any balls pocketed in the opponent’s pocket on a stroke that ends in either a pocket scratch or with the cue ball off the table are not to be counted for the opponent, and are to be immediately spotted." "Any balls pocketed either accidentally...