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  1. J.R.

    Chicago's Horace "Watusi Slim" Pollard

    Another legendary Chicago one pocket player, Horace "Watusi Slim" Pollard, passed away a few days ago. "Watusi" was very tall, always slender and in the target area of 77 years young. He was soft spoken and a gentleman. He was known all throughout Chicagoland for well over 50 years since the...
  2. J.R.

    Are the last two balls spotted or only one ball at a time?

    I'm in a one-pocket game. There are 4 balls left on the pool table huddled close together in a "Nick Varner Wedge." I need 3 balls and my opponent needs 2 balls to win the game. I am able to bank one ball into my pocket while knocking in a second ball into a non-scoring pocket. I now need 2...
  3. J.R.

    Split hits.

    I have two rules questions regarding split hits. I know that any and all split hits would be good in one pocket and straight pool. Many of the other pool games like banks or 8 ball could be decided by the BCA rule book or WPA rule book which states in essence but not verbatim that when the...
  4. J.R.

    Safety Play on a Frozen Object Ball

    This is a rules clarification question and has to do with a called "frozen ball." Can a called "frozen ball" be struck by the cue ball, come ever so slightly off the rail and then return to the same rail, be called a legal safety, without the cue ball or any other ball making contact to a...
  5. J.R.

    Who pays the time?

    I am presenting this as a WWYD even though there is not a pool table and a layout of balls. I am going to present a situation that occurred at Red Shoes pool room in Alsip, Illinois last night. Two seasoned one-pocket players were gambling for $50 a game. There was $100 posted by both players...
  6. J.R.

    Gambling and the Break as a Spot in One Pocket

    I have a question regarding the break in one pocket. I will present the question in its simplest layout. Additionally, there are no written house rules at Red Shoes Billiards regarding the below situation. Two players are gambling. One of the players is getting each and every break as the...