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    US One Pocket Players Only- 70's to Present

    Please list your top 5 or 10. While we can all agree that Alex, Dennis, Busty, and Filler are all great players, I ask you to please limit this thread to US players only. Does your list lean toward today's aggressive one pocket style? Are there any elite ball strikers listed or any grinders? One...
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    In his recent match with S. Frost Orcullo's level of execution was the highest that I have ever seen. Do you expect him to be able to repeat that performance vs. Tony Chohan? He shot super str8 and banked like JB against the Freezer.
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    Building and Maintaining A Position

    I realize that many of today's top one pocket players play a very aggressive, offensive style of one pocket and do it effectively. This works very well for people like S. Frost, D. Smith, etc. but I think that many of the people on this site would be better served to work on their ability to...
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    Scott's Play On 2nd Night Of Match

    How good was he, your thoughts?
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    What Are Your Thoughts

    ref the hard break in one pocket? Is there a place for it or should a revision of rules be considered similar to that which prevents a nine ball player from soft breaking his opponent (4 balls contacting rail). Ask yourself how you would feel if 15-20% of players at next yrs DCC used a version...
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    Big Thanks

    to Ray at poolactiontv for posting links for D. Smith-C. Gentile match. Gr8 job Ray.
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    Welcome Back

    Hacker. This forum can always benefit from your one pocket knowledge, glad your back.
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    Your City and One Pocket

    When you take your one pocket game out of your local surroundings how does it hold up in other cities; just your thoughts. Thanks.
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    The Match

    between the Ghost and John Henderson was very enjoyable to watch but do you have two players that you observed play that provided you with as much or more entertainment? I really got a kick out of watching Joe Veasey playing Peter Rabbit (Linhart). The one pocket played was good but the back and...