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  1. Mkbtank

    Covid 19 one hole

    Cool idea Chris. Amazing idea Dan. As for me, it’s true. Still working 12-14 hour days and still feel burned out. Though I stopped and hit balls for 10 minutes yesterday for the second time since March. It felt bizarre and my left shoulder was killing me. I think I have a partial...
  2. Mkbtank

    The Best of Lockdown 2020 - One Pocket Ghost 15 ball Run

    We know that you really did it in 15.3 tries! No need to move a decimal point just to get action. Lol. Kidding aside, really well done, Dave. You are still my stroke hero lol.
  3. Mkbtank

    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Hey Bill. Thanks for asking. Retired from action and pool for now. Combination of Burnout, a new job which has me working 12 hour days, some parent related illness, and now the world in general just have re-aligned my mind and priorities for the moment. It’s all cyclical so I’m sure...
  4. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday, Larry

    Hope you had a great one, Brother Larry!! Happy Birthday! 🎊🎁🎉. I gave you your present when we were in Philly together. I’m sure it’s up on a wall somewhere!! It’s rare that I give those out 😂. Enjoy!!!!!
  5. Mkbtank


    Hope you had a good one, Donn! Look forward to seeing you again sometime.
  6. Mkbtank

    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Thanks Luke. I will try to take a look if it’s not too late. Thank you.
  7. Mkbtank

    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Thanks Billy. Back at you. Sorry to disappoint, Ghostie, but I would bank the 8 and lay uptable in his corner so that even if I miss he needs to deal with it rather than cut that ball in by his hole. I haven’t read the replies so not sure what anyone chose. The old me would have...
  8. Mkbtank

    Wwyd Hill Hill Filler/Chohan

    Damn Doc! You've still got it!!!!! And the cookie lol. Great call. It was a very precise shot but naturally filler hit it perfectly. The balls ended up here and tony sold out on his next shot.
  9. Mkbtank

    Wwyd Hill Hill Filler/Chohan

    quadruple lol. That’s what I liked also.
  10. Mkbtank

    Wwyd Hill Hill Filler/Chohan

    Match score is 10-10 going to 11 for the first day. Game score is 7-6. Filler needs 1 and Tony needs em both. Tony shot a nice double bank on the brown ball sticking Josh close to the only other ball on the table and leaving him in a delicate spot. josh’s pocket is on the left side of...
  11. Mkbtank


    Hey Bill! Hope you had a great Birthday week! :) It’s a pleasure knowing you and reading your prose!
  12. Mkbtank


    Thank you fellas for sharing your experience. I will enjoy the time away as suggested. I have always said that life is cyclical. When it’s time my game or interest will come back. Hopefully they come at the same time lol. Fats when I’m back I will take you up on your offer to be my...
  13. Mkbtank


    Who has had it? After how long and how long did it last? Did you come back stronger or were you just “Done” As many here know, I have had the good fortune to have played consistently for the past 10 years. Usually gambling high multiple times a week. Never tiring of playing and working in...
  14. Mkbtank


    Bill I had to quote this and reply. Thank you very much! That post may be the best gift I’ve gotten this year. Truly. Means a lot. Even if you are laying down the lemon I don’t care. 😂.
  15. Mkbtank


    Thanks so much fellas. Appreciate very much the well wishes. Really makes a guy feel nice. Had a nice day with the family and my wife even set up a virtual party via Zoom with sisters and nieces and nephews, etc. Even lived on the edge and got take out from my favorite restaurant in...
  16. Mkbtank

    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    Hey Fellas. Hunkered down here in Philly. Have a cough the last 4 days but no fever, so I’m chalking it up to just allergies. Hope all are well. Hugs from Afar. Mitch.
  17. Mkbtank

    My most memorable bank pool game!

    Great story. Thanks.
  18. Mkbtank

    Pick Em Spots in Chicago?

    they play that here also. Or “two and safe”, where your number is limited but you do get another shot to play safe. “X and stop” being tougher.
  19. Mkbtank

    Are the last two balls spotted or only one ball at a time?

    Did you play position for the “Road shot???” 😁
  20. Mkbtank

    Late Edition: Mkbtank Derby Report

    Now THATS funny!!!!