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  1. jtompilot

    Columbus OH

    I’ll be in Columbus, Monday 8/17. Last time I was there several months ago I went to Cushions and played on the only 9’ Diamond in the room. I played a cue collector, Dan. We had a good time and it was a nice room. This time I’m thinking about going to Big Money Billiard Parlor in London, OH...
  2. jtompilot

    Filler vs Kiamco

    Roy’s basement April 14,15,16. Race to 24 I like Warren for a $100 if someone wants a sweat bet.
  3. jtompilot

    Unbelievable series of shots

    Did anyone see this match at the Markulis Memorial tournament? I happened to catch T-Rex, John Schmidt match with Tony leading 2-0 games, I don’t remember the ball count but John shot some wild shot and sold out a good shot that Tony dogged leaving the ball hanging. It was late and I don’t...
  4. jtompilot

    Calling Jay Helfert

    Hi Jay, I’ll be in SoCal Friday and Saturday looking for some action. Jim
  5. jtompilot

    FLL tomorrow

    Short notice. I’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow about 2pm. I can get my copilot to drop me off at Beyond Billiards(they open at 1pm) or Lucky 7 if someone wants some action.
  6. jtompilot


    Next week I’ll be doing a SoCal pool adventure starting Thursday with Mollon Dollar Billards. Friday and Saturday are open for HardTimes and HOB. I know it’s Derby time but if anyone is around give me a shout. Maybe Wayne would like to play some.
  7. jtompilot


    Spent 7 hrs at the Golden Fleece in Everett. It’s a small room with two Diamond bar boxes and 5 or six red label 9’ers. Three tables had 1P action going on. Nice bar and a dinner area. I would love to go back there.
  8. jtompilot


    I’ve got a trip there (BFI) Wednesday and possibly also Thursday. If anyone is around the area.
  9. jtompilot

    Happy birthday Tom Tom

    Happy birthday Tom. Enjoy all the 1P you can handle
  10. jtompilot

    Jacoby Black shaft

    $425 free shipping Radial pin. 12.3 mm Kamui tan
  11. jtompilot

    Happy Birthday John Rawski

    Have a great Birthday John. It was great seeing you in Chicago again.
  12. jtompilot

    Another rules question

    Big argument at Buffalo’s in a gambling match. What’s the rule? What would you do. Player A is breaking, player A miscues and uses his stick to stop the cue ball. Player A says game doesn’t start till the balls are broke. Player B says says game starts when cue ball is struck. I’ve always...
  13. jtompilot


    I’ll be in Miami Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. I’ve been to Lucky 7 and another room that I can’t remember that also had 1P action. Anyone have any other ideas
  14. jtompilot


    I’m in Vegas if anyone is around. Just played Ian Castillo for a bit of practice.
  15. jtompilot

    Panama City, FL

    Spent last night at Shooters. More people playing on the 9 footers than barboxes. I got some cheap action. Not a great room but the Red Label and strange looking looking 9’er played level. Everyone was friendly, the smoking wasn’t horrible.
  16. jtompilot

    Chris’s Billiards

    I’m here playing T Rex
  17. jtompilot


    I had the pleasure to bang some balls around with John yesterday. I was in luck because John just move to Nashville Wednesday and was looking to get out of the house to play some at J.O.B.
  18. jtompilot

    Happy Birthday Casey

    Hey fireman, Happy Birthday bank champ.
  19. jtompilot

    Scott Frost

    Scott has been working on his game and has several good results. Is it time for Scott to be considered the best American 1P player or does Tony still hold that title?
  20. jtompilot

    Gary, Indiana

    I’ve got a day trip to Gary tomorrow. I’m planning on trying out Griffith’s if anyone is in the area. They have a daytime special.