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    Shane shooting

    At 44:00 in this video check out the shot that Shane shoots to break up the stack and continue his run of balls. what a great shot and stroke, with no reward. How many players would load up with inside english and hit that shot that good. Old School
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    Santos Sambajon

    Imo, Santos doesn't get the credit or recognition that he deserves re. his one pocket game. His name never comes up when assessing who are the best 15 one pocket players, but I think it should. If you haven't already seen it, watch this match where Santos out thinks and out plays Orcullo to win...
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    Hey there Steve Booth...

    Daniel, or whoever is assigning tournament match tables. Between gambling and tournament matches, the same 4 guys (John H. Mitch, Tom W. & Robert N.) have been on the streaming table for 2 days. Please put some new faces on that table. It would be good to see some locals that we've never seen...
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    The "Magician" vs. "Mr. 400"

    It's 10ball not one pocket, but it's a great shot. When John leaves Efren with an off angle combination on the 10ball, Efren manages to 'get lucky' on the shot ;) At 3:30 in the video. Old School
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    Chris's Billiards

    This morning I talked to a friend of mine who's a regular at Chris's Billiards. He said there's been a pretty good amount of action there in recent weeks. Last weekend there was a $1000 added 8ball tournament. Ike Runnels and some player from Indiana (don't know the name) split 1st place. I...
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    Ghost sighting

    Talked to a friend of mine who drove down to Chris's billiard's today to play in the $1,000 added 9ball tournament that they're having tomorrow. He said he saw the Ghost there today playing Ike Runnels one pocket for many hours. He said he sweated their game for awhile and that they were having...
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    Justin Bergman giving Billy Thorpe 9-7

    Justin Bergman giving Billy Thorpe 9-7. Free stream right now at Old School
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    Artie's one pocket game

    For the many members here who would like to know the truth regarding Artie's one pocket game, I will tell you. As I posted on here a couple of years ago. I am 70 yrs.old now, and I was around big action in many different cities (although mostly in the midwest) from the 60's thru the 80's. I...
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    Beard & SJD on azbilliards

    For those who are nostalgic for the good old flaming days between the Beard and SJD, they just revived it for a bit over at azbilliards. Here's a link to the thread: And also for a hating bonus, included in that thread is Brumbach laying...
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    Happy Holidays from Old School!

    Happy Holidays fella's. Long time no see. Although I have lurked here for a minute now and then over the past year. Did y'all miss old Old School? :) I just thought I'd stop by to see what's new and to get some holiday cheer :) So speakin of that holiday cheer, let's see now ----- Freddie...
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    The Truth About The Beard & Chicago Players

    You know, I started to make this post more then once over the last year or so but stopped every time because I like the Beard. But finally, I can’t take it anymore. Like a couple of other well known posters on here, I just hate bs, extreme bragging, and the spreading of misinformation. As in...
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    Long Time No See

    Hello boys. Nope, I never disappeared, I just prefer to lurk. I check in regularly to read some of the threads. Anybody miss me? Maybe a couple of members, but they probably wouldn't admit it, because others wouldn't approve, lol. Matter of fact though, you'all might find it interesting that...
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    Best Alltime One Pocket Players

    For a long time I've read the forum threads here and over at azbilliards and I've seen a lot of threads with opinions of who was really the best all time one pocket players. I know the game of one pocket as well as any living human, it's the best pool game in the world, so I'm going to give my...
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    Hello Everyone

    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself (by screen name). I have been reading and enjoying this great pool site and forum for a long time, and up until now I’ve been content to just read the posts and not write anything myself. I decided to finally join up mainly because what I hate more...