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  1. Pelican

    This could be really weird

    Ok folks, in my local area we don't have a hall with enough 9' tables to do anything. I have a strange idea about having a small one pocket event on bar boxes using an 11 ball rack. Have heard of this being played but not as a tournament. Just looking for something different. Feasible...
  2. Pelican

    Bank Tournament June 6th in Folay, AL

    Having a short rack bank tourney at the Billiards Club Bar, 1157 S. McKenzie St, Foley, AL on June 6th. Calcutta and rules at noon play starts at 1 pm. This limited to the first 16 PAID entries. Will be played on two 9' Diamonds. Tournament will be played using Derby City rules. Entry is...
  3. Pelican

    Recommendation on tourney payout please

    I am getting together a bank tourney with a pay out of $1800 for full field of 16 players. Looking for help on breakdown of payout. Thanks in advance, Pel
  4. Pelican

    I am so sad

    Regret to say I won't be making Derby this year :(. Had a check up with my surgeon last Tues and asked about traveling a long trip. He said NO. Told him I went to Richard Black's Cuestock event in Houston. He got pissed, doctors can be so hard to please. Anyway, my lovely bride knows what...
  5. Pelican

    Banking App

    Anybody ever see this thing in use: Bankshot calculator Pel
  6. Pelican

    Diveying up tournament purse

    Some time back I solicited help from you folks on a good format for a small bank pool tournament. I still have this thing in my mind and really hope to try to get it together after the first of the year, maybe Spring. Since there is no true hall here in Baldwin County I got to work out the...
  7. Pelican

    Grady Mathews Memorial Tournament

  8. Pelican

    Grady just passed

    Will post arrangements when they are firm. Tenative for Saturday.
  9. Pelican

    Grady update

    I just left Grady about 50 minutes ago. He is at the home of David and Sharon Fricks in North Augusta, SC. I am back at his apartment in Lexington. His decline has increased. I will be very surprised if he makes it though the night. I would have stayed but have to meet Marie here...
  10. Pelican

    Mr. Gilmer passes

    Mr. R H "Professor" Gilmer passed this morning. He owned Southern Billiards in Starkville, MS for over 20 years. RH was not only a close personal friend but he was truly a friend of the world of pool. He will be sorely missed. Pel
  11. Pelican

    Grady relapse

    For anyone that doesn't know, Grady has had a setback. I went up and spent last Sun and part of Mon with him. They are now doing radiation to the brain. His spirits are good and we hope to have a prognosis soon. Later, Pel
  12. Pelican

    Yo John B

    Will you have your new DVD for sale at DCC? Pel
  13. Pelican

    Message from Grady

    I just spoke to Grady and he asked me to post this message for him as his computer is having problems: "Hello everyone I really appreciate all the well wishes and the financial support. I am getting settled back in at home and I am feeling very good. I believe the treatments are doing their...
  14. Pelican

    Hall of Fame Banquet

    Steve, what night will be the Hall of Fame Banquet? I want to be sure I get the date right when I make reservations for Grady and myself at the hotel. I talked with him today and he is doing real well. We decided that unless he takes a downturn we are on for DCC!!!!!!!!!!:) Thanks, Pel
  15. Pelican

    Rule on spotting ball?

    Never had this happen before. During a practice game of banks an object ball jaws up sitting right on the edge of the lip. Each player shoots another shot with both missing. When the incoming player is down lining his next shot the ball falls. Now I know it needs to be spotted BUT should it...
  16. Pelican

    Suggestions on tournament format please

    I would like to promote a small bank pool tourny locally. I have two things against me going in; it would be on bar boxes and I am really going to have to beat the drum to find enough players willing to try it (hoping for 16). I hope that by charging a modest entry and putting up a generous...
  17. Pelican

    A pinch of advice please?

    I hear the term 'pinch' the ball used. Could someone please define for a DA like me? Thanks, Pel
  18. Pelican

    Grady needs our support

    As most everybody knows, Grady Mathews is battling lung cancer. He is in a long term care facility in Lexington, SC. As you all know Grady is a competitor and he is fighting this with all he's got. He has completed two sessions of chemo and has one or two more before they can give him a long...
  19. Pelican


    The World Pool-Billiard Assn. site list Jan 20 - 28 for DCC. Can someone with DCC contacts verify this? Thanks, Pel
  20. Pelican

    Comparing 9' to 7'

    Since the playing surface ratio is 2 to 1 on a bar box and a 9 footer would the banking angles be the same? For instance, Freddy, would your 1.6, 2.6 and 3.3 work the same on a 7'er? Any of y'all ever play banks on a barbox? Inquiring minds want to know.:confused: Thanks, Pel