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    Walking withGiants, Burton

    Eddie (The Hat) Burton, what a player this guy was and a good I believe! He was top tier at all games, played all games at world class, 9 ball, one hole, 14-1 etc. He wasn’t the best at any one game but then it didn’t take long to call row either! He was right about top ten at every game he...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all from the Mighty Squirrel! Life is good sometimes!
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Wish y’all good times and happy thanksgiving here at one! From the Mighty Squirrel, stay safe my friends!
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    Best memory

    It was al around time at Johnston city and I was late. No kidding people, I didn’t get a wake up call from the motel desk and Paulie Jansco had to hunt me down and rang my room. Said to me you’ve got minutes to get here or it’s a forfeit! Threw water in my face, had no clothes except what I...
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    Sometimes I would practice at the first table at the end of the bar at LeCue Club in downtown Houston. I only practiced when the main core of hustlers were gone. I usually would practice deeper in the pool room so as not to draw attention. Tall Jeff would do the same, that is practice further...
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    It was 1968, I would find myself getting off the elevator and walking thru glass doors any Friday night entering LeCue Club in downtown Houston. the parking lot was full of classic cars, most of them probably in Jay Leno’s garage now days, bahahaha. I watched and learned every weekend...
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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    What can I say about Jim Rempe that hasn’t already been said. One of the best players to ever walk the planet, a true professional at his craft. I watched him run 150 and out quite long ago. It was one of or the best 150 and out I’ve ever watched. He was out of line quite often in my opinion...
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    Johnston city 1970

    When I played the al around against Wimpy Lassiter and Ronnie Allen I was the man, excuse me the Boy that wasn’t supposed to be there. I played as good as I could play. I came at both opponents as hard as I could. I had touch with my cue ball and won most of the lags for first break. I had...
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    Happy thanksgiving to all of you at one from The Mighty Squirrel, life is good sometimes!
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    Lag for first break

    Androd told the story about Greg Stevens winning the lag for first break against Lassiter, man was that right on. Just a little thing lagging for the break. In any race the lag could be the most important part of the whole match, THE LAG. Lassiter never got to shoot due to losing the LAG. I...
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    Giants 1970

    Before I turned 18 sometimes I would B.S. with Jersey Red at the end of the bar in LaCue Club in downtown Houston. It was a classy poolroom and chock full of good players. Red schooled me on the pecking order of the top one holers of the day. He schooled me on the Johnston City tourney and...
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    Giants, Lassiter

    My last post of this man was more about our matches and not enough about him so here goes. If you people look at the Johnston city tourneys on this site you can see that Lassiter won the All around four times in ten years and the years he didn't win it he won division titles in four of the...
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    Thru this summer I have logged on and posted 4 good stories or so and I have lost every one of them, what's the problem. It pops up that I need to log on even though I am logged on :confused:
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    Raising your game

    If you're a veteran player of pocket billiards and your game has kind of flat lined but you are a decent player of pocket billiards you might want to try something different. Larry Liscotti was a fabulous player of all games, and why is that. Straight pool that's why! He was a solid 14-1 player...
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    Walking with Giants, Greg Stevens

    Back in the late 60's thru about 71 the LeCue Club in downtown Houston was one of the best action spots in the country. There was a smorgasborg of solid players of all games. Plenty of niners, one holers, snooker, 3 cushion and so on. Regulars were Jersey Red and his wife Dotti, Greg Stevens...
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    Walking with giants, jersey red

    He won the world invitational 9 ball championship in 68 in Houston Texas. What a magnificent player Jersey Red was! He played all games at a world class level, in other words as good as anybody and I do mean anybody! Watched him play Tall Jeff for a couple of days even 9 ball with out a...
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    Lucky johnston city

    Onerock pulled up some old post about me and some say it was luck or whatever. Anyone that says that about that time in history is slapping Ronnie Allen and Luther Lassiter in the face! No one in the history of the game ever got lucky and won against either one of them. My nine ball game was...
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    Johnston City 9 ball

    When I played the 9 ball division in 1970 I won seven straight matches to win the championship. Opponents were as follows, black fellow called Red, that's all I can remember of him but he was a dam good player, final score 11-9 maybe, Blackie Laseur, 11-8, Cole Dickson, My Buddy, 11-5, Boston...
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    Walking with giants, lassiter

    I know I have included Luther "WIMPY" Lassiter in my many posts but I haven't done a sole post on him and I apologize for not starting with him in the beginning for he was maybe the most dominating player the world has ever known. Earned the name WIMPY for his love of cheeseburgers, lol. Hell I...
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    Watching giants

    I was a good player back in the day and played some good matches here and there, but there was one match that really sticks out in my memory. It was as impressive match I believe I've seen in my life. It was Johnston City 1970. The two heavy weights were none other than Cole Dickson (MY BUDDY...