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    Recurring shot scenario

    14 ball cross-corner with the cueball going 3 rails around. Or, banking the 3ball 2 rails then it clips the bottom of the 2 and goes in your hole. Or, 13ball 3 rails with the cueball also going 3 rails around for shape and safe. I've shot each of those 3 shots countless times over the last...
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    Yes, but lurkers don't provide any of what is needed, what I mentioned: content, vitality, and participation. Who knows, maybe my saying this will jump-start a few of them to post up. - Old School
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    It depresses me to say, but our excellent site here (thank you Steve Booth), has lost much of it's vitality, content, and participation. And I attribute that to three things: 1. The pandemic. 2. The, now canceled, acrimonious political threads. 3. The Ghost having inexplicably...
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    One Pocket Streams

    All I can say is WTF? Justin had the Covid a couple of weeks ago and this guy Joseph is playing him wearing no mask.
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    Drexeline Billiards and Covid-19

    Sad and scary. This was posted at azbilliards. Is it true, accurate? Anybody here know anything about it? > "2 at Drexeline passed away Bob Burt and Ray Murphy, bunch more in icu, 15 got it, some hospitalized, bad shit, be careful, we were, did not protect us."
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    Where is Danny Smith

    Yeah, I like watching him, Justin Hall, Skyler, Chip C. and Billy Thorpe. Because they all have a very strong and entertaining offensive game, and they won't make you wait more than a minute before they shoot. (y) Old School
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    Yes, excellent 3cushion player Rafael will always shoot that shot when it's available, as will all knowledgeable one pocket players. Old School
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    2021 Must see matches

    I think Danny Smith vs. Jayson Shaw would be very entertaining - we'd be seeing a lot of strong offense and we won't be needing any shot clock for these two gunners. Old School
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    Derby City Classic

    Not true, unfortunately, as all of these current updates inform >...
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    Derby City Classic

    Yeah, and that's the type of American idiot (of which there's waay too many of) that will also have their will stating to leave all of their assets to one of the televangelists :rolleyes:
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    Like I said in the above post #29. And Appleton does have the skills but hit it bad, shooting the shot in such a way so that the 10 and 9 came back at his cueball. As Larry said, he just got lucky that it didn't cost him the game right then. Old School
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    Because you are having to jack up off of the rail to shoot the 14ball shot...if you don't have the skill to hit it perfectly (and most average players do not)...then the above diagrammed shot (a very common "response to the break" shot) is the best shot to choose here. Old School
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    Gomez has arrived

    He's quite known by the national pool gambling world - 10 years ago he came in 21st in one pocket at the Derby City Classic, and he was gambling all week in the action room.
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    Spring Members Tournament

    This is the unarguably the correct appraisal of the spirit and the reason for the members tournaments. And Keith's side pot suggestion is 100% the perfect addition for the better players. Old School
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    One Pocket instructors Where are they?

    😆 good one beatle.
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    Evan Lunda and Dennis Orcullo in action in Detroit

    Sorry. I'm watching this video right now, but the link won't open here for some reason.
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    Evan Lunda and Dennis Orcullo in action in Detroit

    The streaming is not the best, but still, it is free streamed action. After the 3:00 mark the camera steadies. Old School
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    Mark M / Shawn Putman

    Fellow cuemakers.