2 used carom ball sets for sale

Texas Carom Club

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Feb 11, 2016
Im just getting rid of the excess i dont need and keeping just 2 sets for myself
no measles at the texas carom club, classic style only :)

The measle sets are a scam and have so many people brainwashed its sad


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Jan 2, 2014
What's wrong with them?
That's what they use on most of the pro events don't they?

I did play with some fake ones at a Mexican place in Dallas where all the red spots had rubbed flat.
Made the game really interesting. Made a funny thrumming noise when the ball was rolling down the table and if the spot hit the cushion it would get a little airborn on the rebound.

Edit, sorry to hijack your FS thread. Good deal. I kinda want these and i don't even have a 3c table.