John vs. Barry 4 wwyd?


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Mar 19, 2007
Another good one ghost with an unexpected ending
I would not of thought of that shot


Aug 8, 2018
So then, John's chosen shot was to bank the 2 straight back and to the left..with the intention of leaving the 2ball covering the 10, so that Barry wouldn't have a straight back bank on the 2 or the 10 - and of course, John also wanted to leave the cueball on the foot rail...he hit his shot well and accomplished what he meant came out like this ----->
Judging by where the 2 ended up, John played through the 2 and floated the CB to the bottom rail? That was my jerk knee shot (except I chose to go left of the 2 to block the 10 by the 3 and at the same time increase the margin for error on the CB if I’m slightly off on pace - meaning that I can afford coming off the rail a bit higher the closer I get to the 4 without selling out). Then I thought better of it as this shot does not achieve much, just gets you out of the inning. This is about the best outcome one can hope for taking it on.