Metropolitan D.C. Area


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Jun 24, 2004
As most of you know, D.C is nestled between two States, Maryland and Virginia. If one were to ask the question "Where do you play pool in the D.C. area?," the answer would depend on what you're looking for in a pool room.

There is an abundance of billiards emporiums right in D.C. proper, nice upscale places with a TV and sink by each table and loud music: Georgetown Billiards in Georgetown, Buffalo Bills near Dupont Circle, Babes in upper Northwest on Wisconsin Avenue.

There is a chain of Champion Billiards pool rooms: one in Rockville, Maryland, which has a weekly $20-entry 9-ball tournament every Thursday; one in Laurel, Maryland, that has a weekly $23-entry 9-ball tournament every Tuesday; and one in Shirlington, Virginia. On Friday nights, there is a weekly $20 9-ball tournament at Fast Eddies in Alexandria, Virginia.

You never know who is going to show up for these weekly tournaments, players such as '03 UPA Rookie of the Year Mike Davis, Maryland Young Gun Ryan McCreesh, Shawn "The Shirt" Wilke, Pittsburgh transplant Gerry Slivka, native Marylander Tom-Tom Wirth, Keith "Earthquake" McCready, and Virginian Young Gun Pookie.

Baltimore is full of great pool rooms, but the only ones I have frequented are the action spots, which is Jack and Jill's in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and Hot Shots on Pulaski Highway (Route 40) in Baltimore.

USA Billiards in Laurel, Maryland, is my current favorite pool room in the D.C. area. Mr. Lee and his family run a first-rate pool room. Day time, night time action. Whether you want to play for time, engage in a game of stakes with local champs, sweat a match between two veteran players, this is the spot to go to, and the hours pass by like minutes!

Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour is the regional tour in this area. They have the best pool tour website I've ever seen: Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour website

Just one click on a link will provide you driving directions to any of the host pool rooms as well as phone numbers and addresses, pool rooms such as veteran player Billy Stephens' The Playing Field in Richmond, Virginia, host of the Virginia State Open and a '04 U.S. Open qualifier, to occur at the end of this month.

John Moody, Jr.'s Great Slates pool room in Cambridge, Maryland, is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Ocean City, Maryland. Great Slates is an upscale pool room with Gabriel tables, and there is a high-class off-track-betting facility right next door. Great food, full bar, 9-foot tables and bar boxes.

If you feel like splurging while at Great Slates, one-quarter of a mile up the street is the Grand Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf, Spa and Marina. I have never been to as nice a place as this one, brand-new and full of activities, and in walking distance of the pool room. A nice weekend retreat, sure to please all!

Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour is going to have a $4,000-added tourney AND a '04 U.S. Open qualifier at Great Slates in Cambridge, Maryland, on September 4 through 5th, the weekend immediately before the Open. Many times, U.S. Open players will arrive a week early before the Open and attend this event!

One-pocket is a game that is enjoyed by most of my friends in the D.C. area. If you're into one-hole, I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding a suitable opponent, whether just for grins or a few jellybeans, whatever is your pleasure!



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May 25, 2004
Rack & Roll in Manassas, VA (1/2-hour west of DC) also sees its fair share of one pocket action. A little bit redneck, but the action gets high when the right players are in the room.