My most memorable bank pool game!


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Jun 13, 2008
About a dozen years ago at the DCC, (the last year at the Executive West), I was fortunate to grab a table Friday morning to prepare for the Bank event. Playing on Gold Crowns mostly, I was trying to get as much warm up time as possible. Some gentleman had come up to warm up as well and after a handful of games, the room is starting to fill up.

I still was a little star struck back in those days, so when Nick Varner moseyed on up asking to play winner, I was dumbfounded momentarily before nodding. I was hoping to win, so Nick could rack them for me. After numerous innings hacking away with a fellow amateur, I limped to the victory line. It was apparent that Nick asked our table so he could get lots of shots in, lol.

So, the Kentucky Colonel (chewing gum possibly?) racks them up. I’m pumped, thinking, “act like you’ve been here before”. Well, wouldn’t you know, I did because I came up with an elusive break and run. Of all the times to do it, against a guy who had multiple banners up over my head!

The previous gentleman re racked the balls. I wish from there I would have left, making Nick wonder who I was. Instead he beat up on the two of us for the hour leading up to the draw.

It didn’t matter much though. It’s funny how little things can stick with you through the years.
P.S. The only thing sweeter would have to pulled that off in a tournament match, not practice.

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May 1, 2011
Was Nicky shakin' his head after getting no play time. ? :)

Growing up in the Chicago area, we learned banks, but it was Full rack with an opening break safety. Be a neat way to do a tournament/One rack. Lag for the one who picks who breaks, and like one pocket....first to 8 wins. Got pretty good at that in my youth, tho never seen it much after the sixties passed.