Special limited set of Robin's one pocket books

Bob Jewett

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Jan 26, 2005
Eddie Robin had 32 special sets of his two one pocket books made up. They were bound in gold-colored "lizard skin" and each copy was actually signed by the co-authors. Eddie told me the story of what he had to do to get six co-authors to each sign 32 times -- it was quite an ordeal. Eddie also told me that a number of sets were lost in a fire and he thinks that only 20 or so sets still exist.

Here are pictures of the covers and the autograph pages. I have included a partial picture of the normal burgundy cover so you can see the difference in color and texture of the limited edition. I believe both books are unread as they were owned by a billiard collector who also had several copies of each in the normal binding.

I'm asking $3500 for the pair. I will not sell them separately.

Click on the thumbnails to see a full-sized image.

Scan20200611_0001.jpg Scan20200611_0002.jpg Scan20200611_0003.jpg Scan20200611_0004.jpg
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