Tony Chohan vs. Chip Compton January 14-15-16 race to 24 EVEN at Chester's in OK City


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Feb 19, 2006
The table matters. In day one in OKC, both players struggled with the table and did not play their best game. The four inch pockets were definitely a factor. No 8 and outs on this night, as both players struggled. At times, Tony Chohan embraced his inner Nick Varner and began squeezing Chip rather than his usual hyper aggressive self. The technique was effective, as Tony showed he can play differently depending on the situation. The night ends with Chohan up 8-7 in an entertaining match.

NH Steve

Apr 25, 2004
I was thinking that this being a table Chip was very familiar with, that he might jump out to a lead while Tony was getting better accustomed to it. In the long run once Tony dials the table in, then Tony would make his drive, closing more towards the end of this match and winning if Chip's front end lead was not too much to overcome. In a way that did happen in a smaller scale on the first night. But I don't think that bodes well for Chip that Tony already has snuck ahead by one game. on the first day.

If Tony is feeling good in general, and is careful to get good rest between sessions, his game is liable to pick up for day two and three. Chip's I think will be what you saw last night without faltering, because he does take real good care of himself and he is at home and comfortable.

Joey and his booth partner were kinda talkative, which I didn't really mind because they are experienced players with a lot of insight, and they were obviously very openly sharing whatever thoughts came to mind. If I were to give them any constructive commentating advice it would be to just slow down a little and let the game speak for itself when it is able to do so. I am not complaining mind you; but over three days and potential future commentating gigs, that would be my advice to them.

Both players also shoot at a quick pace -- especially Chip. Makes the Orcollo/Deuel/Pagulayan's look like tortoises to these two hares. Well maybe that's why you bet on the tortoise sometimes lol. But certainly no shot clock needed for either Chip or Tony!! Both the play and the commentating moved at a dizzying pace most of the night!