Whitey's Game of Short Rack Banks!

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
https://photos.app.goo.gl/JB5GEMvkpA25AubC9 click on video for sound. This was the toughest video I ever did, for its to much talking. lol
Of course you can always do a full on break, the soft break is an option.
So what do you guys think!
I think it is a tough little game, and maybe to tough for the average bear, especially those that just want to get it on!

Short Rack / Soft Break Rules: My game my rules! Suggestions wanted of course!
Standard Bank Rules apply with these clarifications:

Lag: Only! Winner of lag has option to break or pass.
Rack: Opponent Racks w/ standard triangle rack or by hand. Breaker allowed to inspect and ask for re-rack if gaps are unacceptable.
Break requirements: All balls are legal to contact. 2 object balls must contact a rail. A ball made on the break spots immediately, inning continues.
Opening Break Shot: Is any forward stroke which has the cue tip striking surface contacting the cue ball 'towards the rack'.

Illegal Break: -1 pt. foul. The opponent can accept the table as lies, or has option to re-break or pass the break back.
Called Shot: The ball, contacted rails, and pocket must be either declared by pointing, or declared verbally.
Legal Bank: The cue ball must first only contact (no prior rail or ball) the called object ball, the called object ball can not contact another ball.
Ball in Hand: Full cue ball behind the line, full object ball below the line, warning giving by opponent if felt the ball position is not in compliance.
Object Ball Jumped off the table: No foul, spots immediately, inning continues if called bank is made.
Neutral Pocketed Balls: Spots immediately, inning continues if also the called bank is made.
Any foul: Opponent has Ball in Hand option, or accepts table as is.
Pocket Point: Contacting a pocket point other than the pocket points of a called pocket, will not count unless that rail is also called.
Spotting Balls: Opponent only is allowed to spot up balls. Balls are spotted frozen to all balls, including the cue ball. Disturbing a ball is not a foul.
Recording Owed Balls: By placing of a small coin on the long rail near the foot corner pocket on your coin scoring side of the table.
Scored Balls: Are to be placed in their collective scoring area by the scoring player only, or otherwise marked up.
Winner of Game:
Has option to break or pass the break on next game.

Alternative Rules:
The cue ball may contact rail before banking the called object ball.
The cue ball can be kicked banked a minimum of 3 rails (adjacent rail by object ball excluded) into the called object ball which then can be directly pocketed.

These rules are in part old school of course. Not sure if Short Rack Banks have ever been played this way, but if not then I have come up with a new way to play it. Let me know how it works if any one tries it! thanks, Whitey

real games play with BIH-BTL.
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Mar 19, 2007
Great idea whitey
will try it out once I start going back to the pool room