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  • Jakie
    replied to You need 6
    Wwyd I like 3 railing the 13 . Hit the 2nd rail just to the left of the top right corner pocket and sending the 13 towards your pocket. High english on the cue ball following the 13 to the top rail by the 9. This shot accomplishes 3 things for you: 1. moves a very bankable 13 2. gets the cue to...
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  • Jakie
    replied to ck VS rc -- 1
    2 rail kick

    I agree with Hendy and Mitch. The 2 rail kick on the 8 and bringing the cue back to the top rail. Don't hit the eight full in the face.
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  • Jakie
    replied to Wwyd gambling here
    Wwyd I would be leery of playing a shot here that leaves the cueball below the footstring. Unless you pocket the one ball you run the risk of either leaving a bank or giving your opponent a look at your hole where he can either clear 14 and 1 away from your hole or soft kick behind these balls and t...
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