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petie 10-04-2014 11:13 AM

Introduce Yourself New Members!
This thread is an invitation to let everyone here know your true identity. I'll start off:

I'm Pete Saxton. I'm 71 and living in Florida having retired from a career as a Sales Engineer a little over a year ago. I've played pool since I was 19 and have played in lots of states as I traveled in my job, in the Army, and when I took personal trips. Been to a lot of tournaments over the years and played in some. I've met lots of the guys on here but would like to meet more of you. I'll answer all reasonable questions. I'm curious about a lot of the guys on here who only have user names.

mr3cushion 10-04-2014 11:27 AM

Good luck with this thread Petie. ;)

Anyone can just go to my website, to find out all about me.

One pocket Smitty 10-04-2014 12:04 PM

Harold Smith, 71 years old , 4 years in the Air Force from 61-65, most of my life spent in and around the Houston area currently living in Natchez, Ms.---Smitty

petie 10-04-2014 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by mr3cushion (Post 140164)
Good luck with this thread Petie. ;)

Anyone can just go to my website, to find out all about me.

It isn't all about you, Bill. There are some others on here.

mr3cushion 10-04-2014 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by petie (Post 140167)
It isn't all about you, Bill. There are some others on here.

Petie, I only meant, there are several members here that have NEVER disclosed who they really are, that's all! :)

jrhendy 10-04-2014 12:32 PM

John Henderson, 75 and a California boy my whole life. Lucky enough to start playing one pocket at a young age and watch many champions through the 60's/70's.

androd 10-04-2014 12:32 PM

I had quite a few things on my profile. I see most has been removed ?
Rodney Stephens, age 77yrs.
Houston Texas
Playing pool since age 14, playing one pocket since age 24.
Still play every weekday when possible. weekends by appointment.

Quit working at age 24, it was taking up so much time it was hard to make a living.
Hustled pool full time from 1961 to 1972, tired of traveling and went to work for two guys who decided to become bookmakers. I gave them some friends as customers. About two years later I realized these guys were going to get broke. I took the ones I'd given them back and they let me have their best customer for money owed me.

I got lucky !

Played a lot of pool ever since.
Played many strangers, some champions, some only thought they were.
Lost a lot of money, won a lot of money.
Have had a great time. Met many wonderful people and many not so nice,
it's been a great trip.

Still have some play about me, when I was younger I had a lot. I was on all the Casinos and pool players best sucker list. :)

P.S. Will still play high with someone my age. Send them on down. :D

TomRoden 10-04-2014 01:12 PM

Tom Roden
57, living in Portsmouth,Va.
Engine sales, repair and installation.
I ride a 1982 Harley Electra-Glide. Non affiliated.
My first experience with pool was in 1962 when my dad dragged me to The Golden Cue on Queens Blvd. I was instantly hooked on the game, even though I wasn't tall enough to play.
Married,happily for 14 yrs to a crazy N Carolina red head.
Started playing one pocket in 1972 at Duke's Billiards.Providence,RI
My home table is a 1929 Brunswick Monroe, shimmed pockets, Simonis 860.
My cue of choice is my 1993 Schon STL4, Bollman shaft one inch over stock with an Emerald Layered tip.12.5mm
My usual pool room is, of course, Q-Masters in Virginia Beach. This place is amazing.Barry's gotta have 70 tables. He advertises as America's Largest Pool Room.
There are loads of great players here. Getting through the field isn't easy.
Nicknames: Rody, The Roadman, Roadster, and my favorite, Tommylucky
I've played pool in Me., NH, VT, MA, RI, Ct.,NY,NJ,De,Md,Va,WV,Va,NC,SC,Ga,Fla,Ala,Miss,La,Tx,NM,Ok,Ky,Tn,Pa.
I spent a lot of my life on the road for work, no wife no kids, so I'd find a pool room.No matter where I was or how far away I was from someone who gave a shit about me, I always felt right at home playing on a Simonis covered 9ft Gold Crown.
I don't consider myself " a guy that shoots pool" , I am A POOL PLAYER. And I will be until the day I die.It's the greatest of games. We're all lucky that we love this game so much. Those that don't play just don't get it.I'm glad that I do.

Patrick Johnson 10-04-2014 02:25 PM

Given Name: Pat Johnson
Real Identity: Bart Simpson
Pool Hall Nickname: The Rent
Age: 67 (going on 12) in 3 wks
Started Regular Pool Play: 1996
Started Obsessive Pool Play: 2013
Going Pro: Yeah, right.
Online Signature:


bstroud 10-04-2014 02:48 PM

Bill Stroud

Started playing pool at age 6. Learned on a home foldup 3 by 6 table covered with green corduroy. We were farmers and didn't have much money.

Left home at 14 and moved to Dallas where I could play pool at the SMU student center because my sister was a student.

Started playing for money at 16. My first victim was Charlie Clark.
At 17 started to hang out at the Cotton Bowling Palace where there was action every night. Played 1500. per game 9 ball (my own money) with Bobby Chapman giving him the 5 and the break and broke even. Played every player in TX including Rodney many times.

Went on the road with Eddy Taylor at 18. Gone for 9 months.

Went on the road with Pucket. Gone for 6 months.

Moved around the country and played pool all over for many years.

Decided to quit pool and make pool cues in 1968.

Retired after forty years because I was going blind and couldn't do it anymore.

Bought a town home in PHX and discovered that my eyes could be fixed. I took the risk one eye at a time. After 7 operations I can now see out of both eyes again.

Have a perfect Diamond Pro in Ruidoso and play a lot every day.

I have changed my stroke completely in the last year and am now playing better than I ever have. I just lack people to play.

Don't like playing in tournaments much. Never have.

Still married to Barbara after 40 years. Have a dog and 3 cats.

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