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gulfportdoc 12-07-2017 06:56 PM

REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer
Mike Surber's brother, Steve, has put up a $10,000 reward for info leading to info & arrest of Mike's murderer.

We have also opened a "Go Fund Me" account for donations to add to the reward. We are hoping that folks who can spare a few bucks will sweeten the pot so as to re-kindle and sharpen interest in the apprehension of this suspect. The account is:

Steve has also put up a PayPal account for reward donations:

If the URLs don't link, please copy/paste them into your browser.

In addition the FBI "Seeking Information" page, which also includes a poster for download, is:

There is also a Face Book page started by Ray Hansen called "Catch a Killer":

Thanks to JAM and my wife for their involvement in this cause which is dear to us all.


JAM 12-08-2017 08:39 PM

This is great news and will be a good kickstart to keep the case out there. Somebody knows this perp. I hope Facebook helps too. Maybe the reward will help boost the message to get justice for Mike Surber.

gulfportdoc 12-09-2017 10:49 AM

Just added to the posting a PayPal account which Steve Surber created for people who would prefer that method of donation. It goes without saying, but every penny donated will go to the individual(s) who provide pertinent information, leading to the discovery or apprehension of the suspect.


NH Steve 12-11-2017 09:24 PM

Boy, it would be about time if this case got traction towards resolution. I first met Mike Surber at Derby City, when we had the very first One Pocket HOF dinner, and 'Weenie Beenie' was part of it. Beenie -- who had mentored Mike both in the game of One Pocket and in the casino business -- was very proud of Mike. Surber in his demeanor and even quality of play reminded me a bit like Steve Cook -- a soft spoken guy but top notch competitor!

Rest in Peace

NH Steve 12-11-2017 09:30 PM

This is a current article:

gulfportdoc 12-12-2017 08:56 AM

Thank you very much, Steve, for making the Surber reward thread into a sticky! Hopefully renewed interest in this case will produce some results. Someone has seen this guy, someone knows him.

For those who would like to donate to this effort, the GoFundMe and PayPal accounts are listed.

We're praying that Mike's murderer will be brought to justice.


gulfportdoc 02-22-2018 04:34 PM

We just heard from Mike's brother, Steve, who believes that the reward fund will possibly grow to over $25,000, when new expected income is added. Mike's cue collection is being sold, so that money will add to the fund. He's been in touch with the FBI, but so far, nothing concrete has come up. Nonetheless it's nice to know that Mike's case is still on the radar.


gulfportdoc 07-10-2018 06:56 PM

Just got a phone call from Agent Burton from the FBI. He said that they had updated and improved Mike's page and poster on the "Seeking Information" portion of their website. The suspect's pics look a smidge better after the FBI's enhancement, but they had very poor quality images to work with. It's not like on TV. Still, anything is certainly welcomed. Folks can print out the poster and hand them out, or take them to their pool rooms.

You never know, they might get this pos yet!


Bill 09-28-2018 11:18 PM

Look at the AZ Billiards page on Mike

Looks like they have a name and picture of the culprit ...

Sure looks like the same pos

In the sticky section of AZ

NH Steve 09-29-2018 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by Bill (Post 244611)
Look at the AZ Billiards page on Mike

Looks like they have a name and picture of the culprit ...

Sure looks like the same pos

In the sticky section of AZ

That was a tip from a couple of weeks ago, but as I understood how it played out, it is not the culprit -- that photo is someone else -- a case of mistaken identity.

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