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Default Science Schmience: CB Follow/Draw for Banks

In a recent thread on AzB, folks (at least one of them a world class banker) are saying that draw on the CB makes banks go longer by transferring follow to the OB. I'm skeptical (go figure).

I think this is only true when the OB is on or very close to the rail or hit very hard. Because otherwise the OB very quickly picks up more follow from cloth friction than the small amount that can be transferred from the CB (in other words, the CB doesn't add to the effect).

For similar reasons (only more so), I think follow on the CB can only rarely shorten banks by putting draw on the OB.

However, I'm not a great banker, so I thought I'd check my skepticism with you 1P players who are, of necessity, good (and versatile) bankers. Whadya think?

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