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Originally Posted by petie View Post
The cloth cannot put 'power follow' on the object ball. I shall define 'power follow' as follow English that is spinning faster than the rotation of the ball when it is just rolling. I.e. you push a ball down the table and it is soon rolling. It makes one revolution for every circumference value of travel. It can rotate no faster than this without extra or 'power' English. Draw on the cue ball can do this
Thanks, petie - this claim (that transferred follow can be greater than "natural roll" follow) is exactly what I'm skeptical about. My friend Mike Page has done a video experiment that shows you couldn't even get much "overspin" follow on the OB by hitting it directly with your cue stick - so getting even momentary overspin transferred to the OB from the CB seems almost impossible.

When the ball is traveling on an angle as it does on all bank shots, the 'power English' definitely curves the ball.
"Natural rolling" follow curves the ball - no overspin needed. You can easily see this by having a friend roll a ball into the rail while you stand so you're looking directly along its rebound path.


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