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Originally Posted by Patrick Johnson View Post
... P.S. To be clear: my point is not that transferred follow (or draw) never affects the bank path - it's that it only affects the bank path in certain limited circumstances, and only to a small degree even then.
Fascinating stuff, Patrick. One can't argue with practical physics. The distance from OB to rail is the key, then; and of course how much reverse spin on the CB when it contacts the OB. The question is to arrive at a rule of thumb. It would be easy for practical knowledge to measure, say, for a common 2 to 1 bank, e.g. side pocket to middle diamond to corner pocket, and different OB & CB lengths with different speeds.

I'd like to see Mike Page's excellent video replicated, only with underspin. And how long different rotations of underspin affect the OB. Perhaps he's already done this.

BTW, John B. is right. This thread should be in the bank pool section. But Steve would have to move the entire thread.

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