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Default Derby City Classic challenge thread

Originally Posted by Bobbytworails View Post
Mitch knows me, he knows I have the game right. Ask Mitch

Nope. I don't. Do it? I only remember your start a while back and Rob's comments. Anyone good enough to play in the hackers weekly ring game has to play pretty well. Glad you two made up btw . Funny. Around here everybody says I need 8-7. But I'll still try you even.

There's a difference between a trapper and a gamer. I'd say I'm the latter. I'm not good enough to trap anyone. I am getting better thanks to this site, but I'm no killer. But I do love to match up.

Lmk if you'd like to play Bobby Tworails.
Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.

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