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Default Super stars

Efren Reyes plays and plays

Now, there’s a neat bit of pool poetry for this journal – and before you ask, yes, I wrote it myself. A fresh series of Bata’s matches was posted about a week ago, featuring the Magician vs a lot of guys I never heard of before. Efren’s contests were held in conjunction with the 2018 Asia Pool Challenge at the Winford Resort Casino in Manila. Eight ball was the game, two racks was the format, the videos ran about fifteen minutes, and there were a lot of them. For a fee, I assume, one could play Reyes and have a photo op with him, if desired. Before a modest crowd at the casino he won most games and lost a few, all in good humor. There was an official racker on the job, and two young ladies in short shorts whose task it was to pick up the balls from the tray and place them in the rack. YouTube indicates that Ahmad Nisar took part in the action, as did Armin VanOverbeek, Yinan Chu et al. Pretty good show.

So what? Well, this small, elderly Filipino now with a sizeable bald spot is not quite the same warrior who took on the world and won, time and time again. Parica, Daulton, Varner, Hall, Strickland and Joyner could tell you about it. AccuStats could show you, as well as the streamers who have followed. This week I saw him miss some shots and overrun some positions , but still only a few. I would not recommend that you bet the rent money against him. More and more he stays in the Islands – the pool rooms of the islands, I mean. In this country he has been the Magician, over there he has been, and remains, a national treasure. And above all else, he plays and plays and plays. It’s his job, man, his gig, it’s what he do. I think it’s also his life.

It’s no secret that most super stars have come from the South. Witness Elvis, Ellie May, Shaquille, Jerry Lee and Jimmy Swaggart. We produce ‘em in our sports, our show business and our churches. Now YouTube has grown big enough to generate even more, and still from the South. The ***** Brothers travel the fairs and festivals of America, selling humor, folklore and Bluegrass music. When they are not on the road, they drift around in a sort of shanty boat on the Kentucky River, telling lies to anyone who will listen, making fun of each other and catching the occasional catfish through a hole in the floor. Self-nominated hillbilly comics.

From Alabama comes Nick Saban, a seasonal blight that appears annually during flu season, and just as welcome. He has about as much sense of humor as Nancy Pelosi. On the other hand, Hannah Barron is all over YouTube, and is seldom seen without a big smile on her face. Hannah is a small tomboy, standing five feet high and weighing one hundred fifteen and cute as a baby goat. She loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing of all kinds, she can dig footings and do carpentry, and she has her own web site and is hot enough to get paid endorsements for sporting goods. On the internet you can see her, dressed in a halter top and a pair of shorts about as big as my Sir Joseph pool glove, demonstrating how to clean a monster catfish or dress out a deer. Videos of Hannah noodling the big catfish have gone viral. In her bikini she goes into the water where they lurk in holes in the bank and snatches them out by hand.

A catfish can bite, but he’s not very good at it, and she ain’t scairt anyway. You may have seen the guys doing such things, maybe in other states, and they generally grab the fish by the lower lip and rassle him out. She isn’t big enough to do it that way. She goes into his gullet up to her elbow and grabs whatever inside comes to hand. We’re talking really big catfish – her best catch weighed fifty pounds! Hannah is a genuine super star of YouTube, and did I mention she is from the South? If you doubt it, go and see (and hear). She sometime goes into the water with a noodling friend she calls Mack – spelled Mike.

Across the river in Iberville Parish, a dismembered body was discovered recently. The local paper reported that foul play was suspected. They don’t miss much across the river.

P.S. Wow! I never dreamed the word 'mor-n' would not pass this editor.
If it ain't funny, it ain't much.

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