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Default South Haven Bank tournament sign up list

Let me know here if you are going to play so we know how many we have. Keep in mind we are limited to 32 with the locals so get signed up so you don't get shut out. No deposit needed for players also entered in the one pocket

1. Matt Hilton .org
2. Dustin Miller .org
3. Billie Miller .org
4. John Crabb .org
5. Mike Eck .org
6. Mark Mariani .org
7. Ben Smith .org
8. John Frey .local
9. ANDY Warren .local
10. Anthony Short .local
11. Billy Garrett .local
12. Robbie Harrington .local
13. Paul dodge .local
14. Ronald Kelly .local
15. Johnny Willis .local
16. Bill Rowsey .local
17. Dan Moran .org

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