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Originally Posted by mr3cushion View Post
Looking for some input from members secrets, if any, on, how to make the the 'Long straight/with CB within 1/4" or frozen to the end rail!' Obviously, your pocket, top right.

I have "MY own little secrets about, 'what to do on this shot.' I will post my thoughts with video of the shot being made and mechanics involved.

BTW, the 14 ball is unimportant!

Here's the shot.

I've done this for so long that I'm not sure who taught it to me. On straight in shots, I visualize aiming at the point where the ball contacts the felt. Somehow, that makes the exact center (left to right wise) of the object ball more discernible. Or maybe it's just a mental trick to help me focus more intently. In any case, it seems to help.
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