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Default Bike Race

Whooee! Iím all out of breath and trying to recover from a two-hour adventure in the Caribbean. Down there I killed a tarantula with my bedroom slipper, caused a terrible car crash with multiple deaths, sang a Calypso duet with Ursula Andress and did away with a mad scientist and blew up an entire island full of hi-tech gear - Crab Key. Saved a moon shot from Cape Canaveral in my spare time.

In my program for staying upright for maybe a few more years I am doing some strenuous stuff on my pool table and watching old movies while pedaling my ass madly around the place on an old stationary bike. I havenít taken the cover off the table in a couple of weeks, and have gotten to play precious little one-pocket during that time, either. But I have pedaled off about twelve pounds on a diet of around forty-five minutes per evening, and thatís something, isnít it? Also, I believe I have developed an allergy to milk in my old age, and thatís bad news. I have lived on cereal and ice cream for many years. However I have bought some pills for that and it seems to be the solution. Sort of like doing the maintenance on your old car.

I love the old movies and the local public library keeps lending them to me in bunches and the time in the saddle is much easier with a familiar flick on the monitor. Speaking of the saddle, I found a padded cover for it today and I needed it badly. My butt has gotten pretty bony as I age. Recently I have re-watched Where Eagles Dare, The Wild Bunch, Nevada Smith and Key Largo, among others. Still standing by on the desk I have some Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Humphrey Bogart, Lee Marvin and Robert Mitchum. Pedaling like crazy and having to slow down and lean into the curves. Donít stand in my way.

It has been sort of quiet here on the site for a while, since the finish of the Kavanaugh matter. Luckily we have had some excellent WWYDs and good commentary to maintain a high level of interest and the forums are generally healthy. Corey Dueulís kick shot, brought to us by One Rock, has found lots of lively critics. Corey and T Rex and Alex are always good for spectating and second-guessing and surprises. Sadly thatís not so true of a lot of the top players. In todayís world of sports itís not always enough just to perform well, you need to have something extra to sell. Look at Shaquille OíNeal. But you never, ever take a knee. Never.

Anyway, my journal was overdue for a post Ė even one about old movies. Last Man will be serviced also in a couple of days. Getting near the end, and about time. As of today, I intend to show up in Houston one more time, but not to play, of course.

Tomorrow, Iím pretty certain it will be Five Easy Pieces on my machine, and the French Connection the day after that. From there Ė who knows? Life moves fast around here.
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